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Gratuitous Gun Pr0n...

 I'm going to be mean. I got this WWII Navy-built, double-sized Browning M191A4 trainer on eBay, back in the good old days (2002), for $350, from a guy in Utah. It was simple robbery then, it would be armed robbery with battery thrown in to steal it at that price now.

Of course, my karmic payback is I've never been able to find the five-round belt with proper red plastic rounds. Though I do have some of the green plastic rounds used with the BAR and Garand cut-aways, the source provided to me by J(NTA), and someday SWWBO will make a belt for me. I have real cloth belts to use as a pattern.

I suspect the only way I'm going to get a data plate for the wood base this should mount on, is to find a good photo of one and have a copy made.  There's an enitre cottage industry out there of people making data plates for old military vehicles, they could make this one with no trouble.


I'm all too familiar how the modern link-fed belts operate as far as how it strips the round out to feed, but I'd love to see a .gif or a blow by blow diagram of how the old style solid cloth belt fed beasts ate internally. (How stuff works failsl to have this flavor of machine gun feeding shown)

I have always been confused as to how the round comes out of the belt, is it pulled back first from the belt then fed foward/below the feed belt or rammed straight 'through' the belt on feeding?
Olaf-  The Brownings are pull back then drop down and shve forward types.  Not sure what the new fangled things do.

I have never seen any double size trainer .30-06 cartridges in red color.  Only the yellow and green. 

If anyone locates a source for belts, or makes some, two museums I help out could each use one.  I suspect the ones provided were not the sophisticated woven type used in the "real" guns, but rather two strips of webbing with heavy stitching at the appropriate points.  Just good enough to feed the rounds in a classroom setting with manual operation.

On the 1919 when the bolt goes to the rear the extractor attached to it pulls the cartridge from either the Metal link or Cloth belt. As it does this it positions the rim of the cartridge over the "T" slot of the Bolt and feeds it down till its centers on the Firing pin hole of the belt. If you've ever used a M2HB its basically the same function scaled down. Each successive cartridge pushes the fired one down the slot and out of the receiver.
 Firing pin hole of the Bolt, not belt (damn my old eyes)
Hey, need the little brother M2 Carbine to get closer to completing the set?  (Then you only need the BAR and M1 Garand.....)    I can help!

Can there be such a thing as "Gratuitous Gun Pr0n?"

 J(NTA) - We can always talk, you know that...
 Gun Pron is never gratuitous. I have no idea why anyone would think such a thing.
 How about having someone scale up the drawing of the standard cartridge and then have them printed by one of them new-fangled 3D printers?
Had a 1919 like that one, an M-16 trainer - with rounds the size of a .50cal cartridge, a propane-fired .50cal MG and a propane-fired 4.2" mortar. All of which had somehow migrated to my garage while I was doing my FLARNG thing. (Actually I was asked to "dispose" of them before an IG inspection because nobody could figure out who had signed for them.) Fortunately I really liked our CO, and when it turned out that she had signed for a lot of "stuff" she had never seen when she took over, and was having a tizzy over same when she was leaving, at least those things showed back up...
Ok, dumb question: is this a trainer for firing, or for maintenance?
Um, biting back the snark - classroom training on function.  It's made of aluminum, and some plastic.  While in many respects, if you were to skeletonize a real gun in this fashion (to an extent) it would still work... but cutting away the breech (where the biggest exposure of red paint is) would make the first round exciting!
 I'm sure the first round would also be the last round, unless you insisted on making it a manual operation.

Why bite back the snark? It's fun to let it fly and we all get to share the fun. I laugh even when I'm the target. I like good snark regardless.