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Fire In The Hole (The Denouement)

Yesterday I found an interesting GIF.  Well, this morning I was able to finally trace down the original video in its full blooming idiocy.



Saw the same thing on youtube. Comments indicated it was some kind of movie shoot (hence the off camera voices). Still seems like something didn't go as planned. Nice slo-mo footage however.
I think some Soviet grenades had a variable fuse so they could be used a booby traps.  This looks like it was set on the booby trap setting.  If they even had grenades, they may have had something homemade.  I think the red haired guy in the video was hurt by shrapnel. He's not moving much after the blast.  
Hey, after sequestration, that is our ASW platform.

dropped from LSAs, or Piper Traumahawks.
That explains why Russia has a declining population. Movie shoot or no, the guy in the black jacket who took the blast in the face is going to be very unhappy.
I'll keep sticking to my rod and reel. It may need a little more skill, but it doesn't impact my health care insurance.
And what was that laughter about?  That's hard core.