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Fire In The Hole

Soooo - You want to fish with hand grenades?

LOL - You are doing it wrong



Good grief! He was only a little slip away from dropping it inside the boat! On the other hand, a great demonstration of the incompressibility of liquid water.
"Life is hard. It's harder when you're stupid."   :D
 Sakar, To these two, the term stupid is considered *flattery*.
@Saker.....It must be stated again and again' When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not your Friend."
 Brings to mind the case of some noted Serbian bandito of some 20 years past who blew himself up using DuPont spinners to fish with....
OK Rivrdog, I'll bite. Since when does DuPont make artificial lures, or what are DuPont Spinners?
Must have been a Serbian Thief.  But since when DuPont in the HUBCAP business?

 Fishing with explosives is a rather large category on YouTube.
Wouldn't you throw the grenades away from the boat? Or were they too drunk to figure that out?

Not sure about the DuPont spinner but in Northwestern Ontario a 'CIL wobbler' was a stick of dynamite. 

CIL = Canadian Industries Limited 
There are 2 requirements for the DuPont spinner fishing method.  1- You must cast at least 10 feet out of the boat.  2- Keep a spare spinner.  When the game warden arrives to question your methods, ignite said spare spinner and hand it to said warden, while asking "are you gonna talk, or are you gonna fish?"
SFC D: Which one of Jerry Clower's buddies said that?

And that was not 5 seconds in the video between drop and blam, but I didn't see them pull the pin either! 
@SFC D: Groan. That is one of the oldest fishing-with-HE jokes. It is still funny, though.