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Exterior Guard, Fall In!

 Chang, aka 'Booger Butt"...  now romping at Piddler's Green, waiting for her family to get there in their own good time.

A loss in the extended furperson family of Castle Argghhh!  Though we never met Chang, we have long known her hyumun, Jihad Gene, who is very active in the milblogging community and Soldier's Angels.  He and his wife Mi Cha just lost their furperson...

She was the rottenest Westie on the the face-of-the-book, LOOONG time!!! Did I tell you how Mi Cha had actually given away (the then) 5 month old Chang (AKA: Booger Butt) to a lady in town? A lady who absolutely loved the the West Highland White Terrier breed LOOONG time!!!???

In no less than 24 hours later, she made her husband return the White Terrorist, Booger Butt, with an apology explaining how our Westie was obviously either a demon disguised as a Westie or the Devil himself. My ruvly wife sighed heavily and being of strong and resilient Korean stock, she dealt with Chang the next 12 years of her doggie life. She loved that rotten dog very much and did all she could for her. Thank you, God...for such wonders in my life...Dogs & Family.

I knew a Westie once, hight Ajax.  He was a fine canine-American, and slept more regularly with my mother for 20 years than did the Auld Soldier...

We share your sense of sorrow, Gene.  We know you and Mi are very "ronery" right now.

Gunner!  Bring your troops to Attention and Present Paws!

Now is the time at Castle Argghhh! when we dance sing a spark to the Great Hunting Ground and Tennis Ball Chasing Facility at Piddler's Green.


Ah, Ajax... I remember that vicious ball of fur well.  Initially a PITA, we became good friends when I house sat.  That being said, so did I and the hordes of racoons that the Donovan household made into servile dependents....   Glean what you may from that.
Libation spilled. RIP.
My condolences to the family on their loss. I know the void left when the clicking of the claws of 4 feet on bare floor goes silent and I hope that Chang is enjoying the new found friendships at Piddler's Green.