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Cooking With The ROKA

I am glad to know that they make far better soldiers than cooks.



 I guess they keep the weapons handy in case the food isn't quite as dead as they thought. 

Well, it does kind of give a new meaning to "deep kimchi".

And on the other hand, what infantryman doesn't know that the only arguments you win with the cookies, like women, are the ones that aren't over yet. 

And finally, not ready for "Gangnam Style".

WTF!? Are those exploding eggs!?

I'd love to see this guy try to kill & gut a fresh-caught fish or lobster.

Gotta love those Kim Jong-ill advised glasses.....

Thanks for the laugh!   I thought I was a bad cook......
Love the orange tips on the rifles. 
Best example I've ever seen of the deep-fat cooking problem called "tanking".

Tanking happens when the deep fat, hot enough to overcome any cooling effect of the cold food, gets pockets of water in it. Those water pockets flash into steam, and throw hot fat everywhere. This issue is what causes turkey fryers to explode with many resultant garage fires. The hot oil is, of course, well above ignition temperature.

Note that Cookie tried to persevere and continue cooking. He was burned badly enough to cause severe pain for his perseverance. His correct emergency action would have been to cover the pan and unass the place, after arming the over-range fire-ex, but instead, he tried to save the food.
It's timeless.  Mess cranking never really changes.