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Apropos a comment or two...

 Did someone mention Starship Troopers and Kriegspiel?

Just some old games.


Awesome collection.  "Guns of August" in there, too. 

Revel in your geekdom! 
Got Luftwaffe?
Hell's Highway's Map would have enoough room for all 8 cats. They could simulate "scatter" effect during the drop on Arnhem Bridge :)
Right there with you...still have Starship Troopers, Panzer Leader, all of the Squad Leader games, and the entire gamut of Advanced Squad Leader.  Now if only my sons will get old enough...
Ah yes, memories.  I sold my entire collection (55 games) a few years back.  No place to set up the monster games for months at a time anymore. Did I mention the two cats?
I was terrible at Guns of August.  I was pretty good at Squad Leader and ASL.  My favorite though was Rise and Decline of the Third Reich.
I know that its not exactly nostalgic, but with regards to wargames, you did see the new OGRE wargame being released by Steve Jackson Games, yes?  Won't be cheap, but the box does weigh something like 14lbs.
Nope.  14 pounds of wargame... must be miniatures!
Ya know, with all this newfangled VOIP and Video technology there is no reason there can't be a game over the interwebs...
Hate playing on internet.  Half the fun was phyc-games on your opponent - hard to do without being obvious on the net. 

Still haven't seen a game I didn't play at one time - you have more?
 I figgered you'd have Starship Troopers. I used to have Kriegspiel, but gave it to my youngest brother.

I remember Guns of August. Played it once, but it didn't interest me. I used to have SPI's Sinai, but gave it to my youngest brother. It's prolly in the closet in what used to be his room at the Farm in TN.
Y'know?  If my name were Juan Rico I would make a point of joining up with the USMC, because it would be, well, funny.

Also, now that we have a USS Abraham Lincoln in the fleet, somebody needs to make sure that there is an Ensign Pinkerton aboard her, and that he goes ashore in Japan and behaves badly with a Nip gal, while both of them sing beautifully to the music of Puccini.
ah yes..paranoia....

I think anyone who played that game will look back at it as a training ground for 2016...

beware commie mutant traitors! the computer is your friend!
I don't see Rise and Decline of the Third Reich in there.