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A Special Air Traffic Control Message

Wait for it...

At least her call sign wasn't 455-Heavy


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Pipe the good news! from Nom de plume: Rivrdog on November 30, 2012 9:11 AM

On the "Tannoy", yet! Go here and watch the four-minute video, which is really an audio of an air traffic controller of ground operations in the Tower at Vancouver International, British Columbia, Canada. You hear the tower controller directing the lan... Read More


Well done. Cant imagine not doing it that way if you have that kind of platform to take the leap from ;) 
 From this Grumpy Major, that rates a Class One "Awwwww!" followed by an echo of the Aircraft Commander's "Well Done". For Ms. Waters, my best wishes for a long and happy marriage to your daring fiancee.
 Gutsy move, hope he got the OK from the boss and his wife will be repeating that story for a long time. Funny that as a Vancouverite I have to come here to find out about this. If you were taking that picture My house would be roughly 4 miles behind over the left shoulder.