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There is one among us...

 ...for whom this will particularly resonate.

Font matters.

A lot.



Actually, font-wise, I've always thought that the baptismal one mattered most. Is that what you meant ???

But now that my PTSD (Poor Typography Stress Disorder) meter seems to be back up in the double-digits, allow me to offer this:

Type is not really designed or meant to be set in all capital letters ("all caps" is an affectation, you know) so when doing so a bit of extra care is in order.  This also applies when using "small capital" letters. Thus, one should use an additional bit of letterspace between the capital letters in order to promote legibility and prevent the type from becoming a meaningless blur. Is that what you meant ???

Was there something else ???
There was once a video rental rental store in Sierra Vista AZ... "Rent a Flick"... sign was all caps.  At night, from 3 blocks, it appeared to be a brothel.
 SFC D, I see where we have another at least, one other,"Soiled Senior Citizen" or "Dirty Old Citizen". As soon as I saw that picture, I broke out laughing. Typology is not the issue, the photo is explicit enough to feed at least one other demented one old timers, like me. It is all in how you perceive it.

My late mother-in-law often 9very often) told the story of her service club days, during which one of the events was a "Flicker House."  The hand made sign "FLICKER HOUSE" had some slight problem with spacing.  To the very much amused chuckles of the servicemen from the Triple A  sites around Ft. Baker on the north side of the Golden Gate. 
Also brings to mind the joke.  A psychiatrist was walking past his office, on the door of which the sign painter was finishing up lettering a new sign.  His comment?  "You need to work on your spacing."  The door now read "The rapist."
Kerning, you're doing it wrong.
What are puckering lights?
"What are puckering lights?"

An indication that you need to sked a visit to the optometrist.

I thought "puckering lights" are when everything on your instrument panel flashes red.