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Spookies in the night...


I can imagine discussions of tactics to be used by the gunship become circular arguements.

I seem to remember the AC-47 being called Spectre.
The first ones, the AC-47s, were called Spooky and Puff.
 I remember "Puff The Magic Dragon," but that was never official. It's been a long time, but thought it was at least semi-officially Spectre. I'm prolly misremembering.
 Quartermaster, if my memory serves me correctly, "Spooky" were the AC – 47's and then later were called, "Puff, The Magic Dragon". But, this was more like a mission nickname. When the mission was transferred to the C – 130, the mission nickname went along with it.

"I'm prolly misremembering."  As you wrote that, the only thing I can say is this, "Welcome to the group."