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Searching the cushions...

 Long time readers of this space remember teh Good Old Days when this was a rather more, um, rollicking joint, what with the Denizennes swinging from the chandeliers while the Denizens were working them over with the choklit cannons...   ah, heady days from the infancy of blogging.

We're all grown up and boring now, and a lot less likely to get fired, too.

Back in the day, Werekitty was a ringleader of pulchritude amongst the Denizennes and MSG Keith did a stint as the Castle's Correspondent when he was deployed to Afghanistan.

Also during that time, he and Werekitty became a thang, got married and grew up.  Nothing stays static.

That's background, mostly to set the stage of legitimacy for the next bit.

Keith's grand-daughter has cancer.  Her insurance is running out, and the family is scrambling to cope, to include the very real possibility that Eleanor's Dad (Keith's son-in-law) will re-enlist in the Air Force.  Dbie (Werekitty of old) sent me a note, with a request that I post it up here at the Castle.

Keith's granddaughter's insurance has ran out. We're trying to raise money to pay for the last couple of month's worth of insurance to finish up her chemo. Katie just got a job with benefits which will take over at some point, but right now they're facing some big bills, due immediately.

Would you post this at The Castle?

Keith and I both put it on facebook, and so have a few of Keith's cousins.

If you don't want to, it's ok, I understand. You don't need everyone hounding you about their personal fundraisers.

After scolding her for daring to talk to me like she did in her last line, I said "Of course I will."

We have done this before, and helped each other with legitimate issues and got people over some hard times.  If we're going to talk the talk of conservative politics, we have to walk the walk where charity is concerned, right?  Inasmuch as we can.

Here's the link: Eleanor's Angels.

Do as your heart directs, and your personal status allows.  We can ask for no more, and I ask for no less.


Thanks, John...
Thank you, John.  Your readers have been helping out!  Thank you all.. so very much.
We pray for Keith and his whole family, and most of all for his granddaughter.

Even in the troubled times we know that God is with us.

In all things give thanks for our many blessings. Our biggest and most precious blessing is that we have been blessed with each other that we may help and love one another.

God has blessed us in that we are allowed to love each other as God Himself loves His children.
Lord give us the strength and wisdom that we may love and care for each other.
From the stranger to those who are nearest and dearest to our hearts.
We pray  for God to fill this family with strength, courage, and the knowledge that they are truely loved by God and all of God's children.