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Mike Yon loses it.

And goes full Ahab on CJ.

Too bad that Yon has let his hate blind him.

He just can't get quit of CJ.

Not to mention can't read records, because he's only looking for what he seeks, not what's there.

Here you go, Mike.  Get schooled.  Yon, you are now officially a buffoon.


Yon was a talented photographer and writer back when he started, but he is totally b@t$h!t crazy nowadays and I stopped reading his crap a coupe of years ago. 

He seriously needs some professional help to pull his head out of his butt.
 I don't like like this at all.  I hope Yon can get his s__ together because I've really appreciated a lot of his work to this point.

Yon could have been this war's Ernie Pyle.  Instead, he's turned into this war's Colonel Kurtz (Apocalypse Now, if anyone is wondering).
 I dunno, John. Yon was kinda sorta an official buffoon before this.

But I take your point :)
 Kill the extra "like" please if you get a chance and this too,  Grazi.
"But I take your point :)"

Careful, Cass, John's *point* has been known to be a bayonet.......
Atsa hokay, DL; President Light-bringer has decreed bayonets to be obsolete, so they're obviously quite safe... {/snerk}
Yon could have been this era's Ernie Pyle.  Unfortunately, he started believing his own press.  As a photgrapher he's never come close to the level of a Capra or a Steichen or even Dickey Chapelle.

Now he's just another raving looney.
Funny how the only way he can seem to make himself relevant and get a mention anywhere in the MilBlogsphere while ham-fisting a keyboard in SouthEAST Asia is to attack someone who on a good day, would not even be worthy of spit-shining his combat boots. (Yeah yeah, I know the new-and-improved Army no longer shines combat boots.. )
 Olaf, I'm confused.  Yon's not worthy of shining CJ's boots, or vice versa? 
Spit just called, says it doesn't want to be associated with Yon, even in an on line joke.
"Olaf, I'm confused.  Yon's not worthy of shining CJ's boots..?"

Sorry for the confusion, but affirmative to ther first scenario. I never hit my head in a turret hard enough to consider the opposite :P

I quit reading Yon way back when he bought fully into the "sectarian violence" and "Iraqi civil war" crowd over the AQI blowing up people, the Iranian rep Muktada's boys killing people and the newly started Awakening killing AQI.
I have no interest in jumping into this situation, however did I correctly read in the rebuttal that Yon spent 5 years in the Army and made it to Sgt?

Was he in SF?
Is "douchebag" 1 word or 2, I want to get it right when I address Yon.  I'd hate to commit a grammatical faux pas
 He killed a guy in a bar fight the night he graduated the Q course.  Spent the rest of his time in service fighting the manslaughter charge (at least that's my understanding).  Taco over at The Sandgram posted this about Yon today: "Mike Yon, there is help..."
Thanks Miss Ladybug. That explains a lot. He is "one of those". He must have enlisted on an 18X contract. A five year contract that gives you a shot at winning a green beret.

So in essence the mighty Yon, has never fired a shot in anger or been in a war zone as a combatant.

He talks the talk ... but has never walked the walk.

In WWII Bill Mauldin's day, they call this kinda guy a Garatrooper.
 Jim - I'll step up in Yon's defense a bit - that of his initial reporting trips to Iraq.  He was in harm's way, and did some reporting that the "trained professionals" of the MSM wouldn't or couldn't touch.

Your Garret Trooper appellation is certainly applicable now, but there was a time when Yon really could have been this war's Ernie Pyle.  Now he's just the journo equivalent of Colonel Kurz from Apocalypse Now.

Tutti fruiti.  Yon simply doesn't have the stability and staying power.  A flash in the pan and a staggering ego.