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Hard hat behavior...

 Around here, when you hear a wolf whistle and hear the comment "Nice rack!" you are in the Arms Room...


What's this, the freshmen or quarantine rack?  They are unrelated other than being new guys. 
 They're not new, well, that's not true.  The Winchester is new.  The rack is actually recycled from the Auld Arms Room.  I have a problem with thematic display in the New Arms Room.  The bayonets make things hard to arrange in a logical manner.

I am experimenting with display ideas, if only to make it easier to give tours.  But mostly, this is getting guys off their butts leaning against the wall to hanging from it.

And a pic of our basement.  Which is kewler than 99.999999% of other basements.
 I'd agree your basement is indeed a super nice basement.