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Guns! Guns! Guns!

Instapinch Sends (via Facebook):

 In a air combat engagement, we had a one-word communication we used with our wingman to pass on a recommendation to really push the fight...that word was "Press". Drop the hammer, keep pressing the fight, get the enemy deeper into dog crap, slower, losing energy, losing angles, losing any sort of advantage he may have, until he is a non-maneuvering infra-red missile target. Better yet, get him slow and defenseless, then gun the crap out of him. Pipper on the cockpit. Create and exploit any advantage you may have - aircraft performance, weapons performance, pilot skill, training, experience, use everything in your kit bag. "Press."

I say to the Romney side of this nation..."Press".


 Zer0 is about out of altitude, airspeed and ideas. Press, indeed!
Guns?  Did someone say "Guns?"

Those bronze guns have a nice ring to them.

100 rounds of 20mm per second will ruin anyone's day.

PRESS till the enemy bleeds out.

Press real hard or the boys in the blue helmets will be coming for your guns.