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Caption Contest (Look Ma, A Duce Edition)



Who needs a pony? 
Give her the "9 yards" and she's read to rock-n-roll for the Zombiepocalypse.

Pony, indeed! My Little Pony perhaps - after she's busted a few dozen caps.
(giggling) I'll take it.  Does it come in pink?
You could get it poweder coated in pink.
Oh...for the caption, only one word..."MORE!"
That's the cutest gunner I've ever seen. What a delighted grin. And I approve of the Mongol topknot hairstyle, too.
Train 'em early. And with the new model she won't even have to learn how to set the headspace.
Fun 'boom boom'
NOW redefines their program for Empowering Women
Cindy Lou Who waiting for the Grinch.
Palm up when pulling that charging handle, kid! 

And NO "Hello Kitty" stickers on the side plate!!!
I think Toluca takes the prize on this.

light fuse and then step away...



Why does that look ike a .30 caliber to me?

Because... you don't know what a .50 looks like from that angle?  And the fact that functionally, they're essentially the same, so they look generally the same, except for scale?  But M1919's didn't have barrels like that, because they use a boost from muzzle gases like the MG34 and 42.
And that response reads a whole lot snarkier than I intended!
Naw, that wasn't snarky; I was never around M2s much except for that week in school and driving by an unattended one going into higher in the field once. (My sergeant didn't think it was funny when I suggested we secure the unattended weapon.)
 "ammo! Ammo! AMMO!!! @#$%^(*&^%$#$%^&*"
So cute.
Agreed, Joe, Toluca wins the thread.

I can't help but think that a single round prolly weighs aboutt the same as she does. :)

My only grinch at it is where the heck are her ear and eye protection:?
 "Take my stuffy's will ya? I don't think so!"
Looks like a candidate for some of DuraCoat's "Bloomberg Colors."