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Arlington, Virginia, this morning.

The Federal Gov't is mostly shut down.

This group of federal employees still went to the office.

As the Facebook page of the Naval Air Facility notes:
As most of us are ready for Sandy to make landfall, just remember 'The Old Guard' is out there today, still guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This is what dedication to service is all about and their mission which they uphold with such honor.


May God bless them and keep them safe.
3 hots and a cot - Good Morning, First Sergeant.  Makes your heart swell with pride
Look!  Bayonets!

Beautiful picture (in spite of the bayonets).  
Yes bayonets.  On rifles.  I don't know whether the Old Guard carries ammunition for their weapons, burt if they don't, they should.  They guard this nation's heros.  Those heros died. most of them, carrying loaded rifles, some of them with bayonets affixed.  It is a military thing.  The Old Guard sentries on the Tomb are not Park Rangers, they are soldiers on a post, and it is appropriate that they be armed.  Walk your post, Gentlemen.  Yours is a sacred charge.  God bless...
The Old the 3rd Infantry Regiment, US Army, is it not?
Old Guard is 3rd Infantry.

Beautiful photo, for many reasons, the least being the bayonets.
 Three people too stupid to actually have a job that produces something. What a huge waste of taxpayer money.
I hope that last comment was snark.
If are a dick.
Ignore it, Skip.  They'll get bored and go away.
Something of a neighbor tho.  Wireless connection in the middle of nearly nothing near El Dorado, KS.
IIRC, guard duty at the Tomb of the Unknowns is one of the most highly prized posts in the military.  Only the very very best, whose honor is completely above reproach, are permitted to have that duty.  Looking at that photo, and thinking about what's coming, I can understand that.  

Special men.  Bravo Zulu to 'em, for sure. 
Not for the flag, Michelle, forever.
 These men make a lot of personal sacrifaces to serve in this function. They are never forced in this solemn duty. Any one who criticizes them or the functiion they perform is something less than normal. What are they doing that is good for our country???

 Perhaps President Obama will remember that President Kennedy was escorted to his grave by these gentlemen who rode horses and carried bayonets. Unfortunately there was one riderless horse and Obama does not care. May God Bless these men long before the rest of us.
Those who are not Patriots will never understand what this means.  My daughter, who is a student at James Madison University, overheard her roomates state that "this seems silly to me", referring to the Old Guard posting sentry at the Tomb of the  Unknown Soldier.  This is the mindset of the American Liberal, they know nothing of true sacrifice or the unwavering love of this Nation.  If we are to bring back that pride of being an American, it is imperative that a change is made next Tuesday when we head to the polls to vote for our next POTUS.
Seems the Navy made a small mistake - that photo is from September:!i=2095607412&k=89XQw3D   Imagine that, the Navy making a mistake about the Army!

But, take heart, you will find recent photos of the Old Guard here:  Loading up pallets with sandbags may not be as "patriotic" as walking post at the Tomb of the Unknows, but shows just as much dedication.

 Joe, the pic may be intended to simply be representative and used because they had it on hand. Even so, what the pic shows is nasty weather. It may be even worse today. They'll still be there regardless.

I'd say the only thing that would cause them to be called back in would be if flood watrers are cascading over the site. Even then they might be standing guard in a boat.
Wonder what the "Wetback" would say if someone in his family had died defending this country??  OOPHS he can't because he's not from this country.  He's from a country that is invading this country..
 God has blessed us through these heroes.  

"they also serve who only stand and wait" - and these men are not just "waiting" - they remember and honor the memory of those who served ("produced") the greatest cause - freedom - and for us all - not merely for themselves - I couldn't do their "job" but I'm glad they are able, so that I can do "my job" - God bless 'em
It seems to me that these three men are producing something extremely rare and valuable.  Pride, honor, dignity, freedom, and character.
The Old Guard have more respect from me than the SEALS or Rangers.  They guard the honor of our country by showing true respect for those that died protecting our freedom, Republican or Democrat alike.
 Even us Canucks know and understand why they carry on, duty does not come easily. Once these men are out of the service, they will continue to add to their country and then one day, other younger soliders like them will stand on guard for them.


I remember how proud I felt standing in formation with a member of the "Old Guard".  Most
probably did not know from where he had just come.  But I did. 

If you've ever seen a tourist accidentally step across the do-not-cross line during a changing of the Guard, you'll get a sense of how seriously these gentlemen take their job.

I felt REALLY sorry for the guy (no, it wasn't me), but I liked their SOP...something utterly politically incorrect but militarily spot on. 
I just had to look it up.  "merican" a word which means "American", but doesn't require you to put your burger and fries down to use the shift button in order to create a capital letter for the "A".  These men are top soldiers carefully seleted and honored to perform this duty.  They deserve the respect that most of the rest of us real Americans give them.
QM, I quite agree with you.  In some ways though, I think the photos from the 29th, of them in their foul weather gear,  loading up sandbags is at least as impressive as the walking post at the Tomb in the rain.
Not sure what kind of bizarro yardstick Armybrat uses here, but while I extend my respect to those men, walking a post in the rain is in NO WAY comparable to runnning patrols against an enemy who would feed you your balls before cutting your head off if he captures you, or would blow you into pudding with no warning, in a climate that is absolutely sucky and intolerant of human life most of the time.  Both require dedication and discipline, but guarding the tomb is not all that dangerous unless one gets dinged by lightning while carrying that lightning rod of a rifle.  And truth be told, walking any guard post is a pain in the ass while being mind numbingly boring. 
The Gunner in me is proud to note that the sentries are carrying M14's and not the M16. I know, the M16 is a fine weapon I'm sure, but a real rifle to my cohort is 30 cal and up. See ya on the 300 yard range.
USMC Steve - I think you've missed the point. In today's Army, most, if not all of "those men" have, on probably more than one tour, run "patrols against an enemy who would feed you your balls before cutting your head off if he captures you, or would blow you into pudding with no warning, in a climate that is absolutely sucky and intolerant of human life most of the time."  There is honor in all true service, and we don't make losing our balls any greater a sacrifice by denigrating those who were fortunate to keep theirs.  Just sayin'. The "other" Major Mike.
God Bless these men who stand gard, not only for the unknown soldier, but for you & me.
Don't let this great country be turned into something that we'll not be proud of. VOTE!
 proof is in the eye of the beholder, americans are people, i dont see any corporations doing anything with soch dedication..God Bless Us All...even closed minded, hypocrites....dont like the way we serve our country, get the hell out
Kinnison, yes they do carrry ammo. I don't know how many rounds, but they do. When they first come into the 3ID (Old Guard), the newbies are put into a 'boot camp' where they have to go through a littany of history lessons and such, where they will earn the right to go on duty at night where they practice, practice, practice. When they get good enough, they will be put on guard in the daytime. There is a badge they are awarded after being on guard detail for a certain amount of time. It has been awarded fewer times than the Medal of Honor.
 God bless each and every one of our service men and women.
Simper Fi.
I have always been proud to be a United States Marine Corp member and serve my counry.  Semper Fi God Bless American and my God save us from what is going on,.
These soldiers are issued a separate serial number that goes on the "Old Guard" wall roster. If, at any time in the rest of their lives, they tarnish or besmirch that honor of being a part of the OG, their serial number is removed forever. That is for the rest of their lives no matter how long they live.
For those of you who have made pejorative comments, these soldiers have more honor and integrity in their pinky finger than you have ever had in your miserable life.
 There is a documentary - I saw it on Netflix the first time - that shows in excruciating detail what these men go through just to be initially chosen, then the training and perfection they must attain and show for the rest of their not just careers, but lives. They EARN this after already having gone through hell in service.  Perfection of uniform, not one slightly off perfect no matter the weather they'll be out brother is USMA '91, and each time we've been to the Tomb, even he stands in awe and respect.  It's the symbolism of guarding several sets of unidentified remains that is like guarding a piece of the nation's soul, resting there until this Earth is no more.  America's Soul is safe with them, 24/7/360.
Check out "Gardens of Stone" on Netflix for some (not all correct)insight on the Old Guard ceremonial troops during the height of the Vietnam War, and the corresponding burials they were tasked with. Stars James Earl Jones, James Caan, Anjeica Houston, Laurence Fishburne, and D.B. Sweeney among others. Francis Ford Coppola of Patton, Godfathers 1-3, and Apocalypse Now fame directed.
_Of course_ they are still out there doing their duty in what is really a very minor hurricane, a just-barely Cat I storm. I speak as a Flarduh guy, though an old wussy-pussy. I was all WTF? to read that there were 50-something fatalities around NYC. The old Cubans across the street would not even deign to put up shutters for a storm like this.

I still think it counts as the position of attention if you are not quite vertical because you are leaning into the wind.  Now, if it is so strong as to blow you off your feet, I would indulge you to take a knee, say, as long as you keep to your post.  I mean, if it is not physically possible to stand upright, one should try to stick around and guard the Tomb, even if it requires lying prone and the ruination of one's uniform. Just my humble opinion.
GOD and COUNTRY, DUTY and HONOR,  This is the creedo of those who truly Love America and put their very live on the line for her!!!  BRAVO ZULU to the OLD GUARD!!!  Semper Fi!! from an old FMF Corpsman