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Aleppo Mortar Men

Hopefully Massa John will not get any ideas.



Nah.  I wanna see what kind of effects they have, tho.
Hey, we may laugh, but it looks like it just may get the job done.  That whole "improvise, adapt, and overcome" thing.
Note the photo of the giant slingshot w/ the article. This is one of a series of photos that I haven't found all together.
 The combo of propane and oxygen is a potent propellant.  It appears her we have Potato Cannon v 2.0.  Now all they need is a spark igniter from a BBQ grill and they would have a (relatively) mobile projectile launcher, even if they just use it as a rock throwing device,  When the one guy shouted "Allah Akbar" it was almost like he was saying "Holy crap, Achmed! It really worked!"

I also recall tales of dumping a little gasoline in a mortar tube before dropping a round to gain a little extra range.

 I am sure that both our armies could save lots of money wasted in training troops in marksmanship.  Our Muslim friends apparently just point in the general direction and shout "Alluhah Akbar" instead of bothering to aim with sights.  Just about any video from the middle east confirms this widespread method, but there are not many films of the results.
Later that guy is going to hang out with his friends Lefty and One-Eye and Two-Fingers....

A not too long while back, our (sometime) allies, the Turks, accused our now definitely not allies, the Syrians of firing a couple of mortar rounds into Turkey.  At the initial report, what came to my mind, was the old infantry tactic of getting in between two groups of bad guys, firing in each direction, and then putting the skedaddle into high gear.  So, maybe these guys are the brothers or half-brothers or quarter-brothers of the guys what did it.  They look like they could hit a country.  Most mortar-dudes can.
 11B40, if the Grumpy Redleg who claims to own this place makes any room in his heart for mortarmen, you be toast, bro.

Although, since he's obviously not interested in any arty built or shot after the War Between The States, it's doubtful that accuracy in bombardment is really his thang, either.

Real bombardment comes from the belly of an eight-engined beast flying well above the common ord of shells thrown by earthbound tubes.
Riverdog - you must not pay attention to the pics of the collection.  Like the WWII mortars I posted, oh, yesterday...

As for your last paragrapgh - yeah, as long as you aren't that concerned about accuracy.  I've called in those bubbas with live ordnance.  Their definition of accuracy and mine... differ.
What's the joke?  "B-52s are very, very accurate. Their bombs always hit the ground!"