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Yes, I want one.


That makes my elbows hurt just watching.
I nominate the shooter for an Oscar for not flinching, hollering 'Whahoooeee!!!!!" or rubbing his shoulder when done.

Based on the T-shirt, I think that is one of Morshall Morgan's projects over at
Don't forget the press and dies for reloading.
 I think I'd rather have a Barrett Semi-Auto. Yeha, they're heavier, but they don't punish your shoulder as much because of the weight.
 Oh, they're newer, and they're historical, having been used for the Long War.  I still prefer a Boys, for the same reason that Auld Shite vastly outnumbers New Shite in the Arms Room.  
 Interesting, not so much for the considerable stoicism of the shooter, but for the ancient design of that muzzle brake, which doesn't throw any gas downward into the mirrored lake surface. The videos I've watched of Barrett's fine products always show a cloud of debris being kicked up from the ground by muzzle-blast.
All the boyes I have seen have a round muzzle brake. Will have to see which mark this is/was some have been converted to .50cal. I don't think he was shooting fullpower.
Check out the recoil and muzzle blast at 3:45 of this old training vid
IIRC, that muzzle brake was a feature of the Inglis-built Boys guns.

Scroll down to get to the Inglis version.  They are the kind most commonly found in the US, in my experience.

That ammo does not appear to be belted, leading me to believe that it is .50cal BMG
I thought that was clear in the video (now I'll have to watch it again) - yes, it is a .50 cal conversion.  I wouldn't be surprised if most of the Boys in the US aren't both Inglis-built and converted.
Ah - depending on how you view it the ".50 BMG conversion" part of the title is obscured.