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Today's Moment of Collector Zen...

Our Danish Madsen-built M47/M58 rifle in 30.06 as built for Colombia.  The last military bolt action rifle offered for sale as a new design.

Right after WWII.  

When the world was awash in surplus bolt-actions and everybody was scrambling (well, except the Brits) to get semi-auto rifles.

A lightweight rifle, in 30.06.  Punishing as the dickens to shoot, even with that rubber pad and "pepper-pot" style muzzle brake.

Oh, and it's sitting on our Canadian rifle stand, which we dragged out of storage this weekend.

The pic embiggens.


Shiny bayonet too!
 Well, it's not like they ever got used, except for ceremony...
Danes would clean it so it looked unused.
Beautifully designed and made rifles, but you could say the same thing about Post-Model T bugy whips.

I have owned several, but have never seen one with the crest medallion before.  Nice piece!
 At our house we enjoy all the gun pron you put up. I shot my 1912 Chilean Steyr today. My grandson did too, wanted to know if he could use it deer hunting. (He has 18 year old eyes, he thinke the barley corn front sight post is just fine!) I will continue to use my .303 Enfield, thank you very much. My eyes are a tad bit older...! (Also, I have a bayonet for the Enfield, but not the Steyr.)
 Very nice, that stand brings back memories of rifle class instructions.
Nice stand!  Much more classy than the previous improvised ones which looked, in the words of my Mom and Grandparents, common. You are coming up in the world, Sir!
 Of course, your comments on the stand argue against it.

You aren't supposed to notice the stand.

The fact that you are shows it detracts from the central object!