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Today's Moment of Collector Zen...

 The SAR 8, in 7.62 Nato, built by EBO in Greece for Springfield Armory, a clone of the HK91. This is the *good* SAR 8, steel receiver, built on Heckler and Koch tooling with HK licenses, vice the clunky cast aluminum reciever versions Springfield Armory regrets ever having marketed.

Springfield Armory SAR 8, steel receiver, built by EBO in Greece on HK tooling.

The pic embiggens in the usual way.


Huh.  Stunned into silence.
Reminds me of my CETME, but more expensive.
Found a video on YouTube of someone firing one; he rocked back a couple inches every time he fired (standing up). Is that normal for this rifle?
He's got a bad shooting stance.  He's not balanced, nor set for the recoil, so it's knocking him back because his geometry is wrong.  7.62 Nato is a stout cartridge though.
 Yes, firing one of those things standing will push you back quite a bit. We were taught to really lean into our SLRs when firing standing up. A day at the range always produced a nicely bruised shoulder.