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These people are kicking up my tribal instincts.

We extend our condolences to the family and friends of Ambassador John Christopher Stevens and Sean Smith - as well as those of the as yet un-named citizens murdered in Benghazi yesterday.

H/t, RangerUp for the message.


 Why do we not have Marines defending those embassies any more?

Why are there not bodies of islamists stacked against the walls this morning?
My first thought was because it might hurt their feelings.
Real nations consider something like this an act of war.

By the way, when is the Dept. of State going to issue an apology to Christians for all the movies that are offensive to them?

I prefer to view this tragic incident as another item in "The Annals of Muslim Gratitude". You've heard of Muslim gratitude, haven't you ???   It's like a Missouri-Warhol River; a verbal mile wide, an actual inch deep, and flowing for about 15 minutes.

As to the Marines defending embassies, they've pretty much been emasculated by their "betters" in the bureaucratic and diplomatic elites.  The last time I saw them really defending an embassy was in "The Bourne Identity".

That should be on the front page and opening page of every paper and news website.

I think part of it is that Libyans - rather unsurprisingly - find it hard to understand that in America <I>you can make a movie without the Government's permission</i>, and <I>the Government can't make you stop</i>.

If I'd  grown up in Khadaffy's Libya I bet I'd laugh derisively and ask myself "who do they think they're fooling?" if someone told me "this film made by an American and shown on the Internet from America is in no way condoned by the American government" - after all, that's <I>not how it works</I> in the Arab world.

Doesn't make the reaction remotely justifiable (or justify the lack of punitive attacks using large amounts of ordnance, both in Libya and Egypt).

But it does explain why the target is the US <I>Government</i>, in a way that isn't as irrational as it looks to Americans who <I>know</i> as a matter of first principle that the Government has <I>nothing at all</i> to do with the existence of that film. The natural assumption in the Arab world, from <I>experience</i>, is that things like that are the work of Governments, or done with their approval - because otherwise the Government shuts them down and you have to get them via Samizdat.
If we're going to use that picture of Ambassador Stevens, Joe, we might want to include this one, too.

True.  And more of the same here - ignore the pigeon at the top.

Good to see the moderate Muslims having the guts to protest against the fanatics.

 I will soon be in trouble. I just sent the following e-mail to the current "occupant" of the White House at 1600 Pennsilvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.:

I am appalled and disgusted with the simpering and juvenile response to the desecration of our nation's flag on the sovereign ground of the United States embassy in Cairo, Egypt on September 11, 2012. To replace our flag after attempting to burn it, then ripping it to shreds, and then raising the flag of al-Quaeda on the flag pole of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo is an act of war. The response of Barack Obama was degrading, submissive, and unworthy of the leader of the Free World. al-Quaeda (and mainstream Islam) wants a world with the slavery of women and non-believers, NOT a world of democracy and respect for individual human rights. To apologize to the government of Egypt for the free speech rights of Americans is treasonous and submissive. There is no excuse. I submit that a more assertive and appropriate action be made, to include the cessation of aid and a demand for an apology from the government of Egypt for failing to protect the grounds of the embassy and flag of the United States of America.

I may never again be welcome in Washington, D.C. when a democrat is in power. 


Time for a glass of The Glenlivet, and to review my E&E plans. (I knew there was a reason for SERE training!)
The only proper, competent and functional reaction is to kill the behavior right out of the population.

And yes, JoA, pics such as you linked should be a part of the conversation in such events. It's more to protect decent folk like in that pic than ourselves that the behavior should be killed out of that AO.

Every time some jihadiscum behaves in such a mannor over some minor pretence, real or imagined, it's the decent folk that catch it in the chops.

So, every inbred sack of filth on our own side that rushes to the microphone to "issue appologies" needs to have the teeth slapped out of his/her face because weakness does nothing but encourage such crap, and every piece of filth jihadiscum playing such games needs to be hunted down and have his soul liberated from his body, along with all friends, family and associates. This enemy does not respect anything but fear, so make them too afraid to be enemy.

And then, and only then, can the decent folk start gaining the upper hand to a functional degree in that whole AO.
Random West Coast Slob AKA Israeli Jew trying to stir up trouble.

Or, maybe it was a Coptic Christian exercizing his 1st Amendment rights as a US citizen.

Before we can even come close to gaining anything like traction in this long war, we're gonna have to start putting appeasers and enemy propaganda swallowers through the Gun Line and beat some iron into their worthless, sniveling, degenerate spines.

Mouthing this "well, it's the movie's fault" bullshit is a functional mimic of treason because all it does is give the enemy the direct aide and comfort it seeks by assisting in paralyzing the truly stupid and cowardly among our own homefront.

This is islam's fault. No one elses. These savage heathen barbarians are the problem.