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The Whatziss, Day 2

 Now with cat hair for scale.

You wanted a cat hair for scale.  You got cat hair for scale.
That's Elizabeth, "Lizzie" for short. The Auld Soldier's youngest, who shares the Arms Room level with Damncat and Bibi.


 Some sort of accordion folding elevating platform-I think I've seen a few of them in labs for glassware.  Or are you using it to levitate the cat?
Agree with Beavis, but have no idea what it goes to.

That's a lot of cat hair. But, the pic still doesn't embiggenate. I get the feeling you're toying with me.
 Folding Trench periscope?
Like embiggenation would help.  Please.

Toy with you?  Me?

Bellows for a portable forge?
A seven drawer flat file storage container for your GI Joe's uniforms and accessories.
You would never toy with your readers. Especially me since I'm walking wounded. :-)

I'm with Shawn with this one. Goto 1:20 of the video

Arte Et Marte
 I think Sean got this one.
Yeah,. folding trench periscope woud have to be my guess as well, thou8gh the only one I've ever actually seen was the "Lifeguard" model which is leather covered.
Yoicks. Looks like Sean for the win. And thanks, Heath, for intro to what looks to be an entertaining WW1 film.
 Passchendaele is not bad, Casey.  I've also recently discovered the movies the South Koreans and Chinese are making.  Sometimes the messaging in them is wielded with a hammer, but they have great production values for their period pieces, and tell stories mostly unknown to us (but very familiar, in their way).