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Some people take their soccer seriously...

...though few have taken it as far as Honduras and El Salvador (last combat sorties of the Mustang and Corsair families, btw).

 I have no idea what's being said.  I have no idea how that thing got there.  I suspect it was tossed from the stands and malfunctioned.

But second time was a charm.  

While here at the Castle everything we have that looks like that is inert - don't pick it up. Call me over. *I'll* pick it up. Or not. Because if you find one laying around *outside* it may not be one of ours!

H/t, Toluca Nole for the vid.


Not much of a grenade if dude was that close and didn't even get injured.  Either that or miraculously lucky.
 I'm guessing it was intended to function that way, and wasn't really a grenade in the sense most of us here conceive them.
Still, it would have done a number on his hand if it went off when he picked it up.