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On the luck of being born...

 149 years ago today, Private Alfred B. Hays - later known to his family as "Pappy" - shouldered his Enfield 3-band rifled musket, formed ranks with his fellow soldiers of the 2nd Kentucky Infantry of Helm's Brigade, Breckinridges division of Bragg's Confederate Army of the Tennessee, and charged into the teeth of MG George Thomas' breastworks at Chickamauga.

My middle name is Hays, and I was named thusly for Pappy, my great-great-grandfather.  As the box in the graphic indicates, I'm lucky to be here at all.  Pappy had a hell of a Civil War.  He fought in the battles of Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Stones River, Chickamauga, and the Atlanta Campaign, Siege of Savannah, and the Carolinas Campaign before coming home, moving to Arkansas, and becoming the first Mayor of Paragould.

Speaking of that musket, and what a sad world this would have been had Pappy not made it through this day in history...  there is a tale to tell.

And this doesn't even touch the 7 Purple Hearts of the Auld Soldier and how any one of them could have gone the wrong way...


A salute to the courage of your G-G Grandfather!  My G-G Uncle was a 1St SGT in the 1st VA Cavalry.  To anyone with Confederate ancestors, please consider joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  

Pappy was in some pretty nasty fights. Was he exchanged after Donelson? Or did he escape with Forrest?

Good thing he didn't remain in Hoods Army as he would have ended up at Franklin.
 Pappy escaped with Forrest.
His military history spans the whole war.You should write a book about him, even the part where he becomes Mayor of a town in AK. I've been to small town AK. Mayors actually had day jobs or could have gone fishing 5 days a week.

Put me down for a couple of copies of the book.
 A lot of us are lucky to have been born. I had antedents on both sides. My mother's family were homemade Yankees from NW Alabama. Her maiden name is, to this day, one not to be spoken too loudly around Florence, AL. A maternal Uncle doing geneology research found out the hard way.