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Let us have a Whatziss!

 In classical Oggian style.



 Some kind of pantograph?
This looks like the expanding lattice galley protection that nearly crushed my wrist as I tried for another piece of blueberry cobbler, circa 1973, North Atlantic, CGC Southwind.
The pic doesn't embiggenate and there is not cat hair, or even a Guinea feather, for scale.

Somebody didn't go to Ace to obtain the correct screws.

An expanding wine rack. Or Calvados rack...whchever you have more of.

QM - guilty as charged.  No cat hair (scribbles in notebook).

It *is* on a board you've all seen before, though.
Weight stack.  On a weight machine.
If it's Oggian, it has to do with machine tools or their repair, so I am going to say it is a collection, stack, whatever group of gauges of some sort, used to measure some critical dimension of some tool.
It is a good one.
Collapsed bellows for an old style camera or other optical device?
It looks remarkably like an automatic filtration press but is far too clean.  I'm guessing something collapsable.