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It's a technique...

 Second Lt. Cari Butler, a public affairs officer with the 117th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, Hawaii Army National Guard, stands under a waterfall to cool off during a patrol near Check Point Naychin, Afghanistan, June 30, 2012. Photo by 117th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment (Hawaii)


He's going to get diaper rash.
Not really a smart move for the weapon or ammunition.
Second Lt. ... says it all, doesn't it?
Hell, that's how we did it at Benning in the middle of July (1973...Airborne School).

OK, so it wasn't a waterfall, per se...they were long, pipe arch "showers" you jogged through, but you were soaked when you got to the other end...and glad of it. Hooah.
 Fish speaks as a man who speaks from a wealth of experience on the subject.
Cool off, shower, do laundry, all in one easy step!

Wouldn't those blue Navy cammies been a more appropriate uniform of the day ???
As one who recently spent many hours at a sedate waterfront tiki bar with Da Fishie and Concrete Bob and other good company, I attest to his great wisdom and proclamation-ness! 
 Wont do Squat to the Ammo as Ours has waterproffing around the primer pocket and neck. The weapon will be fine as long as you jack the bolt back about 1/2" and shake to drain the bore. Just like in those little cards we got in Basic so long ago. About the only issue is going to be the Kevlar inserts will be degraded a bit until dry again.
 I thought Cari was a she?
Yes I know it is hard to tell with my bad facial expression... but I am a female haha...
 Someone's been googling themself!
Is that  a new camo pattern?
It's the new wet-look Muti-Cam.