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Gold Star Mother Day

Gold Star Mother Day, 2012 My Mom was a Blue Star wife and mother.  Thankfully, Dad and I managed to not burnish up that star for her.  There have been a lot of Blue Star Mothers and wives in my family since the first Meriwether soldiered with Roger's Rangers back in the French and Indian War.

But we've never had a Gold Star mom.  
By Keo R. Gathman

As she stands beside his grave
On yet another Memorial Day,
She remembers the boy she sent away
And how he became the man resting here today.
His heroes didn't become famous playing ball.
In fact most of their names were never well known at all.
They went to work wearing camouflage green and desert brown,
Earning their reputation as the toughest warriors around.
When he first saw them in dress blues
The heart within her little boy knew,
That nothing short of becoming one of them would do.
Time all too quickly passed by
As childhood things were put aside,
And his heart's desire would not be denied.
"I love you, Mom" he said one day
"But the time has come for me to go away,"
And she knew his decision she couldn't sway.
Through tears she tried so hard to keep inside
She told her baby boy goodbye.
Writing him letters nearly every day
She often took the time to pray,
"Lord be with my boy today."
"Help him clearly see the man I know that he can be,
Grant him his most cherished dream,
Let him come home, a United States Marine."
When the time came for him to go to war
She feared as she had never feared before,
Prayed there would be no knock on her front door.
They came that day dressed in their blues
And though in her heart she already knew,
She cried out "No, it can't be true."
The man child she had sent away
Was at last coming home to stay.
He never doubted what they did was right,
And he never wavered in the fight.
Forever and always as in his childhood dreams,
Her boy remains a United States Marine.


John, thanks for posting this. I had no idea a Public Resolution dating back to 1936 declared a Gold Star Mothers day. I doubt that any lamestream “news” outlet has covered it, and haven’t seen it in any of my browsing (non-lamestream as it were], so again thanks for posting this.

Jerry Hailey
PS: We have two Gold Star members in my family, may the Rest in Peace

SSGT Jerry Lee Hailey USMC
CAPT Joseph Carlton Hailey USA (Ranger qualified)

Again, thanks for the great site

Never Forget, Always Faithful
My ancestors did me the favor of not producing Gold Star Mothers beginning with the attack on Martin's Hundred in 1623 and extending through the recent events in Iraq and Afghanistan.  One notable exeception was my 4GGF, Captain David Reid who fell to British Forces including Tarelton's Legion at Hanging Rock in 1780. 

Of course, the record is skewed as those who died young often left no issue and thus ended that particular branch of the tree.  My War of 1812 ancestor had five sons, three of whom fell fighting for Texas and the South.  Fortunately for me, his eldest son did not serve, rather spending the war supplying Confederate forces in Arkansas.
My mother's family lost their oldest child at Chosen Reservoir in Korea. It took until 1953 to recover the body.

LCpl Alvin Reid, USMC RIP.

My family goes back to 1649 and was involved in all this country's wars. Family lore only mentions the above as having been killed in combat. A paternal uncle came close as a Corpsman with the 1st Marines on Guadalcanal. Took a round through the leg just missing the femoral artery and bone. He refused to talk about his experiences to the day he died.
My Maternal Grandmother might have been a Gold Star Mother, I dunno.  My Uncle George was killed while serving as a Marine in WWII, just not  in action. I think it was a Jeep accident which got him. Does that count?

  (I think he was driving it too fast, rolled it, and broke his neck and died. The boys on my Mom's, or Marine, or Mississippi, side of the family tended to be like that. I think I got my nerdiness from the Georgia, or Dad's, or AF side of the family.)

I do hope that I have inherited some Mississippi Killer tendencies, as they might become useful in the oncoming collapse of Western Civilization.