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From the mailbox...

I'm asking one last time

 Friend --

This is the last time on this campaign that I'll ask you:

Want to meet for dinner?

Donate $5 or whatever you can, and you'll be automatically entered to join me -- today only, each entry counts twice.

While the other side leans on corporate donors and million-dollar checks, we're doing this the right way. And I'm asking you to do your part.

There's a seat at the table for everyone in this campaign, no matter what you're able to give.

I truly appreciate everything you've done to move this campaign forward. Take the next step and donate $5 or whatever you can today, and be automatically entered to join me:


P.S. -- I'm not sure where on the campaign trail we'll meet up, but no matter where it is, we'll fly you and a guest out there and put you up for the night.

So this is what it felt like for all those girls I tried to date in high school...

Sorry dude.  I'm just not that into you.


Can you recall any of the lines those Hi Skool chicas used on you? Might be appropos here.
They have been flogging this "Last Supper lottery" deal for about a week with 2 or 3 emails a day from Barack, Michelle, Slow Joe, and a host of other names.

Know your enemy, and all that....
Sorry, Barack, I need to wash my hair this weekend...
More than a few hair washings, yes.

There was the girl who was going to be busy washing her horses and invited me to help. I did. ... She remains one of the dearest friends I have.
So you win and are happy until tax time when you find out the IRS wants you to pay taxes on your "winnings". They forget to mention that the the value of the plane tickets, transpportation costs (taxi), and hotel accomodations are taxable income for you. Good luck, chumps.