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Helmet-cam style, from a young man who was knee-deep in the grass of the meadow where the Iron Crosses grow.

Just so you have something to compare video games to.


Heh.  This hit Facebook yesterday, where it was also received by a tough audience...

Kieran McFadden Literally picked every bad spot to move to, and moved at the speed of fuck.
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Santana Rueda This is a good job of how not to fight.
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Albert Bak W-T-F. This fool should have gotten an Article-15 for being a dumb ass under fire.
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Adrian Heilbronner I feel for the guy we all know how scary that shit is, but stay low if your going to scream for help for 2 minutes, also where the f was anyone in his plt? Armchair QB'ing here but ffs
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Santana Rueda his plt went back to trucks bro, seems legit.
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Adrian Heilbronner Haha read his comments, he said he ran out into the open to draw fire away from the rest of his plt. Apparently laying on the side of a hill taking plunging fire while screaming "I'm Hit" is a new bait tactic. Hey rudie, where are you at now?
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Santana Rueda That valley they are in sucks but they asked for it walking up that hill, no cover for about 00m anywhere. Im att benning bro
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I have to agree with the comments, I wouldn't call this a great example of effective TTP. 

Point 1: If he is within effective range with his M203, why isn't he using it? (before his 203 is hit)

Point 2: If he was trying to suppress enemy fire so that the platoon could withdraw, why he is wandering around as a man powered target.

Point 3:  "I'm hit", is a completely UNSAT SPOTREP 
I'll admit to being a cynical b-stard upfront: is this real?  It looks like a piece of amateur filmmaking to me.  I've never been shot at before (on purpose) but I know many who have; this just doesn't ring true to me based on hat i know of those guys.  Please let me know if this clip has been verified as "real", and if so I'll happily take off my tinfoil hat and go back into my cave.  Thanks -- Hutz.
I can't do that, Hutz.  But in my limited experience of being shot at it works for me.

Troop probably wishes he hadn't posted it, though, given the comments...
Weel, there are always Monday-Morning Quarterbacks, even when it comes to actual physical combat.  I mean, if my helmet-cam shows that I didn't act perfectly correctly in every way in a high-stress situation, does that mean that I get a low grade on the Internet?
Give the kid a break. Maybe I;m the exception but I did some stupid s#1& when the SHTF back in sunny SEA. Maybe  that's why I got shot and I have to recognize I may have gotten others hurt. But his stated intent was to draw fire, he accomplished that! How may critics have the stones to do that?