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Barabbas - Barabbas - Barabbas

Or will you just wash your hands?



Of course, that gave us the Cross, the Resurrection, the Ascension, and will give us the Second Coming. 
Yeah, but in secular terms that looks a lot more like 1864 than the Garden of Golgotha.
 And salvation will not arrive on Air Force 1. The last election neither of the choices were good. Same this time, alas.

I'll take Jesus over any of the secular Barrabases on offer these days.

In 1864 the country was suffering under Lincoln's war. Maybe I'm just dense, but I don't get the 1864 reference.
 Boq, I hate to break this to the Quartermaster, but I don't think he has the market on density cornered. I have no problem with the previous three comments. There is no comparison with Barabbas and these characters. Would you please elaborate? This is nothing more than the "Politically Correct Speech". I always thought more highly of you.
1864?  The pope condemns rationalism and socialism?
 No, it was too subtle a connection for you folks, and I'm too tired to bother trying to explain it.  I withdraw the comment.  I surrender.

I'm stupid and incoherent.

I apologize.

Please forgive me.

I'm sorry.

It will never happen again.  I promise.
 John of Argghhh!, I can only speak for myself, about you withdrawing,, surrendered, being stupid or incoherent, apology, not accepted. We can only forgive when something that is done is wrong. Again, I am so dense, that I cannot see any of those things. The only thing that your comment proves is this, you are a mere mortal, like the rest of us. The events that took place that night in the Garden of Gethsemane and wound up in a place called Golgotha, or place of the Skull was essentially a political event that had spiritual  roots. As a group, we need to see the whole picture, both the political and the spiritual. To see only one part, we rob the true history of those events. The reason they call Golgotha or The Place of the Skull is this, this is exactly what it looks like. We miss the real message of Golgotha if we take the politics, or more accurately, "The Politically Correct of Their Time" of the masses who cried out for the release of Barabbas. There is much for all of us to learn from those events in history. Let's keep those events in the context of their time and let's not bring them here. If we do, it will only corrupt them. John, I found nothing wrong in the context of history and what you said. I hope to see this as a respectful rebuttal to your comment. Thank you!
Don't make promises you won't keep.

I take it the Catholic meme is that Romney is Jesus?
 Argent:: On your first point - 8^)

On your second - really?  
 Argent, why must you  tease the big bull and then wonder why he charges you?

The problem with Golgotha is this, it was not just his spiritual event or religious event, but more importantly, it was a historical event,  done by professionals.

As I look at the upcoming 2012 Election, my question is this, "Am I voting for somebody or against somebody?" Take some time and think about the question. Remember this one thing, this election may have many hidden questions and the famous or infamous "Law of Unintended Consequences."
On the Romney as Jesus thing.  I've NEVER heard that in any RCC group I'm in touch with.  None.  WHere does this come come from? 

If NPR is to be believed, from their 'All Things COnsidered' weekend show today, those who self-ID as Catholics are +10% for Obama.  No, seriously, where does this come from?  How does something like this start? 

No, Romney is not Jesus.  That's pushing reductio ad absurdum the notion that a symbol or metaphor is an endless cornicopia.  Is Romney more in line with Cathechism than Obama?  In some areas an unquestionable yes and in others not so much, but if you're of a school that's incorporated more the 'Liberation Theology' you find him an unmitigated disaster.  But I've never heard anyone or seen anyone using Jesus iconography or parables with Romney.  Obama on the other hand HAS used Soviet era iconography because well, jokers like Eisenstein had a talent for tapping into the human psyche with imagery, like the film maker Ford, not the car maker. 
 Ry, as in any political movement, each movement has their icons. The Conservative Movement claims the "Founding Fathers" and their statements from their writings. In one believe that Romney will follow those teachings? Why don't we step back and take a look at history and see what it tells us? The "Jesus Analogy" may not be that far off.

Ry, In my view, you are free to have and express those very same views. But, I am equally as free to have  and express different set of views as a historical balance. We both have an equal right and I am glad that you are expressing a completely different set of views. This is what makes this Country GREAT!
 Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.  I.e., Catholics, using a story from their faith, are simply saying that the choice matters, there are downstream effects, and that there should be thought given to the nature of the choice.

Shoot, if we take Argent's thought to it's logical conclusion within the context of faith story there - then the Catholic message is clear: Vote for Obama.  Because if the crowd hadn't voted for Barrabbas, there would be no Catholic Church as we know it, right?

As I said on Facebook - the singular element of this graphic is that it shows more about what you bring to your interpretation than it does the actual message.  Because the message works no matter what perspective you bring to it.
I'm with John, taking the metaphor waaaay to far.

Grumpy, you're perfectly free to take any interpretation you want and run with it.  I couldn't stop you even if I wanted to.  ;) 

I'm just saying, that for Catholicism as a group, no, that's not the meme that's circulating in Mass, sermons, weekly circulars, magazines, or anything like that.  The one that I've heard is, as is easily predicted, centering upon abortion---in the official stuff, leastways. 

But, like I said, the RCC is not trying to paint any candidate in biblical metaphors, AFAIK, and in fact Catholics are trending Obama.  Armorer-sama, you need to unleash SWWBO, apparently, The Flock has taken an odd turn and needs a strong headed Sheep to guide the Herd for a little bit. 
Though, I gotta say, I don't get the 1864/Civil War reference either.  (does the dog hearing a sound it doesn't recognize head twisty thingy)  Car to enlighten, 'yo? 
 If you dare, go read my blog posts on the intellectual capacity of today's electorate, and you'll immediately know why speculation on which way the logic of this lesson bends their minds is completely irrelevant.

Logic doesn't bend their minds, and unless the Catechism was pounded into them if they are Catholics, neither does the lesson you present and everyone else here has debated.

It's a sound-bite world for these voters, people, and even more, the sound-bites have to resonate with something they want, not something they have to think about.
Goodness, Rivrdog woke up on the grumpy side of the bed today, dincha?
With all due respect to all commentors, it's really pretty simple and I make no apologies for my  comments or beliefs. As a Vietnam era Vet and career law enforcement officer of 30 yrs. who at age 61 has watched "a lot" of human nature pass before my eyes... Barabbus betrayed Jesus... today's people betray Jesus and Obama WILL (and has) betrayed Jesus! It all boils down to whether you believe and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, or you don't! The first time Jesus left us  He gave us His Holy Spirit and a way out... "believe in Him who saves the world and be saved!" With His soon second coming, it may be too late if you haven't decided where you stand. The Bible say's, "today is the day of salvation!" It's you're choice... the repercussions of your decision (or lack thereof) will ultimately decide your eternal fate? Please don't delay in where you stand with your Savior!