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A moment of Gunner Zen...

 ...with a Texas twist.  Even if the battle of Cowpens was fought in South Carolina.

The forward deployed Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Cowpens (CG 63) fires its Mk. 45 Mod 2 5-inch gun during an underway weapons test. Cowpens is part of the George Washington Carrier Strike Group, the US Navy's only forward deployed carrier strike group based out of Yokosuka, Japan, and is conducting a routine patrol of the western Pacific region. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Paul Kelly


Go Mighty Moo!  Thanks for posting the good memories fodder, John. I served aboard in the 'late 90s and made Chief while part of the Thundering Herd.

I guess it would look silly to put a stuffed chicken up there... But then you would get the advantage of all of those double entendres that USC Gamecock fans love to throw around.

I recall calling in Navy GangBang. With the 5" the thing that made the biggest impression with me is that you hear three distinct 'booms'.
The firest was usually the shell impacting. The second was the report of the gun. The third was the boom the shell made breaking the sound barrier.
I guess you might say ......wait for it .... you get more bang for the buck with Navy GangBang.

Didn't the Captainette of the Cowpens run her career aground a while back, if I'm not mistaken ???
Can't help but wonder if that was a mood enhancer.

No I did not. It was my crew. THEY did it to me. They were the worst crew ever. In the entire universe. They TRIED to say I was an incompetent tyrnat, and no matter how many times I tried to beat them into silence they just kept yammering! THE FOOLS! 
Now you know why the crew didn't invite you to your "you're being sacked" party Holly Dangit.
 Heh. Old Mossback swears they had to pull people out of the brig to fill the seats at her Dahlgren Farewell party. But that is just idle chitchat, in case She is taking notes.   : D
Maybe I'm just getting old and cranky, but a cruiser with only two 5 inchers?  How embarrasing is that?
I've been on DE's that had more guns than Cowpens.

Real cruisers are gun platforms. USS Salem is just down the road and she mounts nine 8 inch/55's , an even dozen 5 inch/38's, and twenty 3 inch/50's.

Thats a cruiser.
TwoFiveZulu... when you said DE and didn't mention being on the riverfront in Albany... you were proving you were old... 8^) 
 It is truly a shame that we don't have any more gun cruisers. 
Having been on the business end of "notional" Naval Gunfire Support from a Tico at the JRTC at Fort Polk, I think it's kinda nice to hear the ANGLICO guy tell the radio:  "Fire for effect - twenty rounds per mount - commence firing." 

Never send a grunt to do a job you can do with a quick-fuzed projectile.
 (Stealing the host's cannon-cocker thunder). With all the work already done with the Excalibur (M982) Project, and, undoubtedly still in R&D on extending the range of those smart war-loads, one might think that the new Littoral Navy might just decide that they do, By God, need a new class of gunline warship.

If they need lessons, all they have to do is look to the Swedes, where Bofors has gun systems so versatile that a couple of batteries can do as much as a battalion could previously. Now put 4 of those guns on a fast's even enough to make an old flyboy drool over the precision bombardment possibilities.
Rivrdog - don't know much about Bofors' naval systems.  Do know that Bofors designed and built the world's first clip-loaded 155mm howitzer:  the Bandkanon at about 0.15

Haven't been able to find any video of the Swedes using a forklift to load the thing with its 14-round clip.  But here's a link to a drawing that shows the process with the loading crane.