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Topical Regional Collector Zen...

Uneasy neighbors.

FN-built Israeli  Mauser in 7.62mm and a Syrian Serb-built M48 in 7.9mm.  You can guess which is which...

Israeli FN-built Mauser and a Syrian Serb-built M48.
This pic enlargifies as well.


John, what's the signifigance of the "663" on the stock of the bottom weapon?
Don't the Arabs read right-to-left?  Or is that just alphabet and they do numbers left-to-right?

Regardless, I would assume it'sa unit rack number.
My understanding as yours John. Numbers left to right; text right to left.

The arabs write there numbers the same direction as we do, but speak it backwards, so it works, In other words 21 would be called one and twenty.  Starting around 2009, the Arab staes agreed to take back their numerals, you know, the ones we call "Arabic." The ones we are familier with them using, as seen on the above rifle are actually hindi, borrowed by the Arabs during centuries of trade with India.

It's actually quite troubling to read an Arabic newspaper and have to switch directions on a large number.  But as for how it's read... well, that depends on the number.  If you speak German, it makes a little more sense.  For example, you would read 1942 as one-thousand, nine-hundred, two and fourty.  That goes for Arabic as well as German.  And that's regardless of whether it's a year or number of rounds remaining.  Where it gets bad is on the really big ones:
one hundred four and seventy millions (yes, plural), two hundred three and fifty thousands, four hundred eight and twenty.
Amazing where the threads go sometimes, ainnit?
Amazing where the threads go sometimes, ainnit?
That's because many of us "go" lots of places and know lots of things...

Hey, I gotta put that Army training to use somehow.