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Today's Moment of Collector Zen... a larger version of yesterday's picture.  It wasn't really intended as a Whatziss, but that's what it turned in to...  and yes, a Bren Mk 1 with a dial sight on it, for barrage work.  Most people have no idea what the mounting on the side of the Mk 1 was intended for - and it was pretty worthless and added time and expense to manufacture, so it was deleted on subsequent marks of the Bren.

I admit, I was tickled that you got creative.  That's been missing lately!

Bren Mk 1 with dial sight.
The pic enlarges by clicking on it.


It made for a VERY GOOD whatsis indeed, thank you very much for sharing. Someday, when we've all forgotten this, you should do a whoile group of barrage sights as a whatsis.
"... a whole group of barrage sights ..." would be a dam fine presentation.

Totally OT, but I have taken advantage of housemate's absence to play my Kenneth Alford CD on his machine. I did of course weep when listiening to "The Vanished Army", but have played the last cut, "The Mad Major", again and again.

It is so weird that the best piece of martial band music ever composed happens to be named after our genial generous host, here.

Jtg, old band nerd, over here at the Right of The Line, with The Colors.
Oh, Good Lord, not another spammer! Where are my bolt cutters?