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Today's Moment of Collector Zen...

 I think I'll let you guys figure it out.


RPK with training wheels?  Nah, the magazine is on the wrong side for that.  I'm sticking by the training wheels though.
Very few people will get this but I'm putting it in anyway:  Muggy gets a job.
Bren Gun with some sort of precison (barrage) sight?
To me it looks like a Bren gun with some form of anti-aircraft sight, but that's as close as I can get, if I am even in the ballpark.
Mk 2 Lensatic sight?
Bren gun is the only old gun with a top magazine (that's been brazed, I think). The whatamacallit beats me--door handle to a bathtub?
BREN, with oddball sight, probably for indirect fire?
Bren gun with surveyor's transit.  Mebbe Royal Engineers?
CCO - not quite.  Danish Madsen LMG, German MG-15, Czech ZB-26 (from which, admittedly, the Bren was derived), the Vickers-Berthier, Japanese Type 97 all spring to mind off the top of my head as adopted and saw service top-magazine feeders.

It hasn't been brazed, either. It's just out of focus and slathered in grease, having just come from a magazine chest that I haven't made time to clean the cosmoline from.
John, you forgot to mention the Aussie SMGs - the Owen and it's replacement - that were top loaders as well.
Good point - except that everything I mentioned was in rifle caliber and had a bipod...  and I wasn't going for an exhaustive list, just a representative one.

Leaving the floor clear for other nerds to jump in.

8^ )
OK--only old MG that I knew of, heretofore. Schooled, I've been.
Oh, and the Soviet DP-28 and Lewis Guns... which admittedly used pan magazines, vice staggered box.
A Lewis gun is what Snoopy used to shoot down the Red Baron, right?
 Bren with some sort of line-thowing attachment fitted. The wheels are a precision brake designed to put just the right amount of tension on the line as the slug is fired and that line pays out. Without the brakes, there would be too much variability in the trajectory of the slug and line. You don't show the reel/cannister of line because that would have given the whatziss away.
So... no go on the training wheels then?
subcaliber sighting device?
 One of those things you put pennys into get squashed?
Once again ... never seen one .... but I agree with indirect fire sight.
Steam-driven Bren variant, which delivers a constant 433 RPM rate of fire regardless of ammunition.  This was considered as a way of delivering a reliable stream of bullets from a possibly unreliable stock of ammunition, as a dud cartridge would not disrupt operation, but was eventually rejected due to the size and weight of the required boiler, and the delay encountered in waiting for the boiler to develop a head of steam.
Mk1 Bren on a Sustained fire Kit (432 COMD Kit).
Rivrdog's got it -- line-throwing attachment, on something like a Bren.
Well it's clearly a Vickers berthier, on further inspoection, and the attachment is a Vickers MKII Dial Sight Kit, but whether its designed to find one of the light projectors or act as a a training/rangespotting device for a bigger gun, I am clueless.  For now
1. Gatling gun had top-mounted magazine.

2. It's a dial sight for conducting indirect MG fire, also called barrages.

3. Some discussion here: