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Today's Moment of Collector Zen...

 Powder bags.  

Left to right: 2-pounder, Revolutionary War era (repro, not original).  155mm full "White Bag" charge (meaning it has all its increments). As opposed to the "Green Bag" charge, White Bag charges are for long-range shooting.  Green Bag charges are for shorter ranges (and greater flexibility in trajectory choices) as well as less wear on the gun.  This is a training version, and has no live powder.  Lastly, a single 16inch charge increment, of the type used during WWII and Korea aboard the Iowas.  Dummy load, except the black powder igniter charge (the red patch) is live on this one (but not on the 155mm to the left).


I get such a charge out of your pictures they have so much range to them. You seem to be able to bag the best ones to show us.
I don't bag on anyone sirrah!  ;^ )
I gotta go with Heltau, this is a blast.
Fun bags?
Several ladies once toured a ship; after a hour or so, they decided they needed to 'freshen up'. So they queried a sailor concerning the location of 'a powder room'. The sailor indicated complete comprehension and led them down a series of passageways into the bowels of the ship, until they reached a door marked "No 4 Magazine".