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Today's Moment of Collector Zen

The pic embiggens. More views, here, here, and here.

Details here.


 Too bad you don't have any of the splodey things it chucks downrange. But, I imagine SWWBO would be wroth with you if you had and you did.
Well, I do have some.  Just not in a splodeyable fashion, because those are expensive and controlled.  Now, while that mortar does not have a firing pin, I could get it re-watted and loft training rounds downrange.
Naval Goddess Boston Maggie would call that particular ordnance system a "moahhhtuh" 
Ooh, there is just something I like about mortars.  They remind me of the old ketchup commercial about an, tici pa-aaation.

Now, e.g., the USN 5"-51 was a flat-shootin raygun which did great execution at Wake Island, but there is something to be said for the appreciation and contemplation of what is about to happen while that high angle low-velocity projectile traces its leisurely trajectory, at both the sending and receiving ends of said trajectory.
You understand me, doncha?

Well then quit yah bitchin
 Greetings:  especially "Justthisguy"

I like the bit when the round reaches it's zenith and then does those pendulum swings as re-orients for its return to Mother Earth.   I also like that mortarpersons have to stay in their own platoon.
 Wonder what it wants to be when it grows up?
Last year at a reenactment I had the pleasure of expounding on the joys of 12 and 24 pound Cohorns to a guy who had been a USMC mortarman during his government paid tour of SE Asia.  He said he keeps up his contacts and there is noise about the Corps using these again to give more versatility to patrols.
A cousin carried one when he was sent to SE Asia as part of the delegation from Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. He said if he ever saw another it would be one too many.
That looks a lot like the tube I have except mine has that odd interrupted thread thing sticking out the side at the bottom. I'm still trying to get some pictures to send you, J.

Your friend may need to work on keeping his USMC contacts a bit more current...

The M224 60mm mortar system came into service to replace the old WWII system, sometime in the '90s if memory serves. The improved M224A1 began fielding last year.

Improvements vs the old (WWII) system? Range increased from 2,187 yards to 3,816 yards, weight reduced by 20% and lethality increased to about equal to the old 81mm system.

Great little system. My maggots loved it.