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Today's Moment of Collector Zen...

 ...someone just found the motherlode of StG44's...  They're going to be disappointed unless they came with ammo.  The 7.62x39 was inspired by the 7.92x33 - but those will have to be rebarreled, unless they've got some 67 year old ammo laying about.

That's been well-stored.

The Prez should allow the DNC to import them, and put them on the National Firearms Register, and then sell them to collectors. Why not?  He's been willing to EO his way around other inconvenient rules and restrictions.  And it would be for a good cause, right?

And the Collectors would gladly pay, knowing they were buying the rope that was going to hang them a year later...  and you could confiscate them and sell them again!


Probably in Syria.
 Oh, I'm sure Syria.  Heck, there's probably a PzKwIV in that warehouse, too.
Armorer,  you ought to know better, common-sense and politicians, never mix. 8 ^ )

That is *WAY BEYOND* your pay-grade.
Ah, yes, the grumpiness is strong in you, young Armorer.
Prvi Partizan still makes that ammo. $1 a shot.

I bet someone could make it cheaper if there was sufficient demand...
 I'd love to have a STG44 ammo or no. That's one of those things for having, not shooting.
Actually, they shoot quite nicely.  However, there are really annoying metallic clanking and springy noises while the action is cycling.

A friends has one (live, legally registered Class 3 item) that I had the privilege of shooting a while back.  A bit more oompf than the M1 carbine (or M2) on both sending and receiving ends.  Reasonably well made in the minimalist stamped sheet metal sort of way.  I think he got the ammo custom loaded by someone at great trouble and expense. 

Nice to have friends like that!
there is a german company that makes a near exact duplicate..but it is in .22LR. I know there are airsoft versions that are very exact as well.

that many of a rare gun in one that good of a shape...I suspect they may not all be the real deal.
 Oh, I disagree, Allen.  The Syrians got a *lot* of ex-German stuff via the French after WWII.  The fact that they had crates of Stgw44's in a warehouse somewhere, especially since they, like most Arab armies, went to the Warsaw Pact pretty quickly as their arms source, is completely unsurprising.

We found crates of PIATs in Iraq after the invasion.  And an artillery park with over 100 25pdrs.

A couple thousand rifles like that doesn't really take up that much space.

Ammo is the easy part.  There are probably plenty of calibers out there that can be formed to 7.92x33. 
Back when I was in Teh Bidnezz, I do remember Privi Partizan having the 7.92x33SRmm in their lineup of ammo.  There are a few impediments for them to deliver, though. 

1) Minimum quantities would be in amounts over 500,000 rounds ea.,
2) Price per thousand would be incredibly expensive. 

Amortizing the retooling of their drawpresses per unit assembled, requires it as such.

3) Logistics of moving it from Serbia to the U.S. is a nightmare.  There are very few Mediterranean ports that accept 1.4S Class HASMAT products.  Trucking to Le Havre Rotterdam or Hamburg are the only options.  But that requires a long string of transit paperwork and permiting, making the transport costs even more expensive than the already high factory EX-Works price.

Sigh - I do miss Teh Bidnezz.
JW - for you, yes.  For Syrian insurgents?  Not so much, I'm thinking.  But I could be wrong.