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Today's Moment of Collector Zen...

 The Castle's Maxim M1910, sitting on a Sokolov mount.

Today's moment of Armorer's Whimsy...  the substitute-standard Castle Gun Truck.


Ackkk...ROCKETS and crew served weapons...very cool.
Once again, your toys are cooler than mine.  :-)
I like the sentry shack behind the monument in the main picture. I could be comfy in there, especially with a few of your toys for protective purposes ;-)
We thought of you today, John. Honest-to-promise we did!  Mwahahahahaha....     : D
Fun stuff!

Not sure about the "Technical Mark 2" though.
 I mostly just used it to haul the kit from back door to the rock.  The pic just suggested itself to me as I was loading up for the return.