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Today's Moment of Collector Zen... one of the more unwieldly options for a machinegun you could ask for.  The Vickers MMG with it's "armored vehicle" bipod, provided so that vehicle crews could dismount their guns and employ them if someone was so rude as to brew up their vehicles.


I thought for sure it was the light assault Vickers, you know, kinda like our M1919A6 modification to the Browning M1919A4.

Spade grips and bipod are a pretty akward combination, but it works...  We fire the 240H's that way once in a while in case we don't have access to the dismount kit.
No kiddin', Pogue?  Looks like the particular combination in the pic would be bad for accuracy, at least up-and-down accuracy, with the bipod under the middle of the piece like that.  I reckon one is supposed to brace his elbows on the ground, or something.

P.s. to The Armorer.  The P-38 is already starting to acquire a nice patina, undoubtedly due to miasmic vapors emanating from Jtg's filthy body into his trouser pocket.  Many thanks, again.
JTG - I was wondering about that as well, but I suspect that with that water jacket filled up the Vickers doesn't jump around very much.
You might, for comparison purposes, put up a photo of the 'lightweight' Maxim used by the Stoss Truppen in 1918.


 True John.  Or you could have provided a link to the MG08/15, and saved everyone the wait.
Bipod seems to based on the Boyes AT Rifle early Monopod. There was a Emergency tripod issued in WWI that you sometimes see fitted.
I hadn't thought about that, Sean - but yes, I rather suspect you're correct.  And Bren gun carrier crews might well have been the ones who drove the development.