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Today's Moment of Collector Zen...

 ...will be the end of the Whatziss, 'cuz clearly you're bored, and half the funny guys didn't even show up!

John (Not The Armorer) for the effective win.  He made the call of blank adaptor, even if he didn't name it for the Vickers.  And, given his depth of knowledge, he may have been holding off to let someone else score the laurel after having provided the hints.

+10 to Argent for getting creative with the gas burner comment.

Here's the adpator in context, next to the armored cone.  According to the marking on the threaded part, this was made by RSAF* Enfield.

 *Royal Small Arms Factory


You could wear those for earrings, Holly.  Nice 'n dangly...
 I figured that with those fine threads it was part of a gas system, but couldn't work out where/what.  I guess you have to adjust it so that the gas works against the recoil booster on the muzzle.  Have you tried it to see how reliable it is?  Why do you call the standard cone armoured?  Is it actually to protect the gun from incoming fire?