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Today's Moment of Collector Zen...

 The British No.19 Mk1 hand grenade from WWI.


I take it this is triggered by the front thing without a fuse?

The fabric is used like a sling?  The fabric is improvised?
Purpose-built, Argent.  The streamers are to stabilize the grenade in longitudinal orientation, so that it will land nose first, as you are correct, that flat plate on top of the grenade is an impact fuze.

Armies went into WWI with grenades that required lighting a fuze, something their great-grandfathers would have recognized, and came out of the war with the kinds of grenades that today we would recognize.
Say, do you have any examples of the famous 'Beano" grenade, intended to resemble a baseball? 

As R. Lee Ermey said, calculating the length of fuze-burning time of yer grenade when in combat can be problematic. IIRC, he recommended not cooking the grenade, but throwing it really hard into that room so that it would bounce around a bunch and be hard to catch before it went off.

M'self, I would only use a grenade by dropping it off the wall at people besieging me. I can't throw worth a damn.
No ring on the safety pin?  If you were throwing it by the handle, they didn't need the serrations on the body.  Fragmentation is better achieved by internal patterns rather than external, I believe.
 Probably didn't have the best tech to make internal fragmented grenades back in the early 40's, that would hae required casting a pattern on the inside.