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Thought piece...

 Thought piece:

ISAF wounds 9 non-combatants taking down a single Taliban fighter. Karzai rages against the soldiers, the UN wrings its hands, the press asks why can't we do this better, and never, ever hurt anyone who shouldn't be hurt.

NYPD drops nine civilians in a blaze of undisciplined gunfire while taking down a shooter who was done shooting, and Bloomberg blames... me. A fanatically unreasonable fellow who owns guns and wants to own guns and is therefore responsible for the epidemic of violence.

It's not entirely parallel, certainly.

Discuss amongst yourselves.


Too bad BLOOMBUG wasn't in the line of NYPD fire!
 The Charlton Hestom I knew would never say anything like that.
 I see Fred got there first.  I rather don't approve of suggesting the shooting of political figures of any stripe, in this space.  Aside from just being wrong, it draws the wrong type of people, and plays into cherished but inaccurate stereotypes of others.

As far as Bloomburg's cops and their undisciplined and inaccurate marksmanship, at least we should remember that these are not the New York cops who were stealing guns from other cops (AT THE STATION HOUSE!)  and selling them to criminals.

As a corollary to the "only cops should have guns" fallacy, last week on a SINGLE night, 19 people were shot in Chicago. Not by cops, but by criminals. Of course, Chicago has essentially a 100% ban on ownership of handguns by law abiding citizens, so this is impossible, if the gun prohibitionists are correct in their theories.

Well, it's safe to note the similarities between these situations:

+ Sleazy politicians with personal agendas
+ Significant liberal influence (from different directions) lead to the situation
+ Incompetent and/or indolent leadership amongst the forces involved in the shooting
Yeah, I read about that at Uncle's place.  It seems that policeman exercise with their pieces only slightly more often than I do, which is essentially never.  I do try to remember to do a rust check every few months or so. Honest!

In other news, it seems Ike is going to give us a near miss here as a weak CAT I.
They actually did hit the perp, by no means a certainty with NYPD. 
If they hit nine people with pistols, I can hardly wait until they get a drone or two. A whole city block gone. "Oops, sorry. You startled us."
 That is one reason I don't live in a city. First, my wife would hit the perp with all 8 rounds (she shoots a .45 Colt or Para-Ordance), or 30 rounds with her M-4. (She shoots, reloads while moving to cover, and then repeats as needed.) Plus, I could support her with my .308's, .303 Enfield, or 30-06 Springfield, (cause my 5.56 is a heavy barrel varmit rig, sorry!) or my 1912 Chilean Steyr, my M-1, or my Spanish Mauser. 

 Then, my grandchildren shoot...

Any questions why country life may be preferable to city life...?
Let's back up a bit.  19 rounds fired resutling in 10 hits on the thug, 3 direct hits on bystanders, and 6 injured  by flying fragments (this as of last I heard a few hours ago).

In a high stress situatiuoin like that, 10 on target isn't bad shooting.

The question is the need for them to confront him when they did. From what has been reported, it seems as if they could have trailed him to a less crowded area.
10 of 19 on target in a high stress situation.  Not bad shooting, really. 

I do question the judgement of the officers in making the choice to engage where they did though. His gun was in a bag or briefcase, he drew it after they called on him to stop (or so the reports I have read seem to indicate).  Could they not have followed him, maybe called in his location and direction, and engaged him in a less crowded area?

@ Jim B - you bet.  Could have taken him with one head shot at 100 yards with one of those.
To my knowledge, the perps gun was jammed and he never fired a shot after the initial killing shot. All 9 wounded bystanders were from police rounds. A perfect score.
 Joe, they were 10 FEET away, and they managed to miss 9 times and hit innocent bystanders?  Hell, I would not miss at that range.

I grew up in the Bronx of the '50s and '60s.  Two guys from our neighborhood, one a Catholic schoolboy but a real jerk, the other a publican, became cops.  Early one Saturday morning, about 3am or so, they decided to have a gunfight at one of our local bars.  Supposedly, they both emptied their six-shooters at each other hitting only furniture and  walls, during which time another neighborhood stalwart retrieved his M-1 carbine from his car trunk and put a number of attention getting rounds into the emporium's ceiling and bringing the evening's festivity to a close.. Fortunately, I was elsewhere disposed but when I next met up with the public schoolée, I asked what had resulted.  He said that they both had been put on the "rubber gun" squad.  Both finished their careers with the NYPD, aka "New York's Finest."

My Oyrish Granmama used to say, "If you want to know me, come and live with me."  which I subsequently amended to, "If you want to know me come and work with me.".

Of course it is your fault, and mine, for what happens 1500 miles away - at least according to the gun-grabbers. There is no possible way to show them the error of their way because they KNOW they are right so we MUST be wrong, there is no possibility of the reverse being true. Ideology trumps facts and nowhere is that more apparent than in the Democratic Republic of Neuw Yeurk City.

It would be funny if the results weren't so harmful.

As for the marksmanship issue, I'm not going there since I'm not exactlly Deadeye Dick with either a pistol or rifle.

Funny how the media attention on the shooting suddenly shifted to other stuff up here…….

Police shooting bystanders, does not fit the narrative.

Sounds a bit like one of our big city police departments trains by a slight change to Uncle Joe's saying.

"Volume has an accuracy all its own"