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Take That Hitler *er* Merkel!

An old WWII 500 Lbs American GP Bomb was recently discovered in Munich.  It lied asleep for almost 70 years.  That's until it was dug-up in a construction site.  Below is the video results of what happened when it went wakey-wakey.  My apologies for those linguistically challenged



I spotted one of these during a training exercise south of Augsburg in the early 80s.  My Gunnery Sergeant was working the aiming circle about 30 feet from the bomb.  I asked him what it looked like to him and he looked up and said, "Looks like a bomb sir" and went back to work on the aiming circle.  EOD came out and hauled it off.  They would not blow it in place because of the potential damage to the nearby town of Lechfeld.  This one in the video must have been considered unstable for them to blow it in the city.  Either that or the Germans don't pay maneuver damage like we would have had to.

The fatal legacies of the last world war lurk everywhere.  We just had 3 people killed and several more wounded by an old WW2 bomb they found in a riverbank.

The poor sods thought the bomb might contain "treasure" and began banging on it with hammers with the predictable results.

A little Earenschlipttenloudenboomer for Frau Merkel.  Lest they forget ??? 
Can I hear that again, maybe slower?

Hey, that's not German (not that I can speak German, either).

One more time, with captions, s'il vous plais?
There are some places in Belgium and France that are still off limits and fenced or wired off.
and these sites are from WW1 !!!
a friend who was in alaska told me a story while stationed there.
a officer gave a class about bombs from the japanese that were droped in the islands.
a girl told him she might know where one was.
she took him to her grandfather's house and showed the officer a 500kg bomb, her grandfather
was using as an anvil. He was a siversmith and he was tap tap taping some sivler on the bomb.
he freaked out, and got everbody out of the house. the village was evacuated.
the army made a hoist to lift the bomb out of the house. they did not want to touch it because it was
leaking and crystallizing. It blew up the house. (Everbody was out of range when they did this)
The Army built Grandpa a new house.
 Gotta say, the newsperson is kinda cute. Italian? In any event, bomba go boomba.
This is the story of the SS Richard Montgomery, a liberty ship sunk in the Thames with 3,000 tons of munitions.  Another bomba waiting to go boomba.
First thing that came to mind is 'damn my German is getting rusty'.  Shortly followed by 'oh.'

When I was about 5 I found some sort of medium sized munition in an inch of sand on the beach 300 yards south of the border crossing in Bellingham.  I didn't know what I was looking at then but to their credit the adults with me freaked the [heck] out.  Not sure what ever happened with it.

They could not safely remove the beast, so they padded it, evacuated the area, and let her rip. A few hundred windows and a couple of roof fires later, all is well. For the moment.
re Funny sounding German. That's cause it's Spanish. Note the lisp on certain wods.
Back in the early 80's I think it was, some guy dug up an artillery shell at the Petersberg battleground in Virginia. Took it home and tried to open it up. Something went up, alright. In the mid-80's here in Seattle, I did video work for Boeing. We were at SeaTac with the PR guy who told usof an incident when the baggage guys were unloading a Scandiavian Airlines airplane. A buch of kids were returning from a bike tour of Europe and the handlers were unloading the boxed bikes. One shifted with a lot of weight and an artillery shell came busting out onto the tarmac. Seems one of the kids fouind it at a battle ground and tried to sneak it home. Dud, fortunately. But what if it had gone off up over the north Atlantic? Might never have figured it out.
Well, duh, HE is dangerous! It was designed and produced to be dangerous. I mind the story of a couple of boneheaded Belgian farm boys who tried to use a hammer and chisel to get the fuze out of a Great War shell they had just plowed up. They got Darwinated, right there and then.
P.s. I believe the experts will agree with me here, when I say that high explosives get more sensitive when they get old. They might go off if you just tap them, or if they don't like the way you looked at them, or something.
Back in the 80's, I used to camp out at Flamenco Beach in Culebra, PR - The old US Navy Firing range that saw all sorts of live ordnance delivered between 1912 to 1974.  Hiking the hills is great, but you have to watch your step, for there's all sorts of Boom-Boom Candy lying asleep.

One afternoon, this absolute Idiot comes out of the beach, where he was snorkling, with the widest happy grin in his stooopid face.  On one hand he had his mask and flippers.  Over his shoulder, he had a rusty and Live 5" Round.  He comes sauntering like a kid who found the jackpot and sets down in the camp site right next to ours.   Nary 20 feet from where I was round my campfire, he sets down his newly found treasure, and as he slams the projectile down..."THUMP" he exclaims:
NEAT - Look what I just found!!!
I froze, closed my eyes tightly, and after two seconds I found myself still in this Earth.  I immediately launced in the saltiest of BOQ's known language.  Shagrinned he just shrugged his shoulders and carryied on as if nothing had happened.  His procession lied in the middle of his camp site for the next two days, and was promply packed-up in his car trunk when he folded camp.  I'm sure that somewhere in the Main Island of Puerto Rico, there's a US Navy Darwin Moment in the waiting.
Actually a 5" round is proabably a practice round which tend to be blind loaded and plugged, aka filled with sand, still most definitely not worth the risk that it might actually be an HE round.
The thought of it being a BLP has crossed my mind, but since corrosion has long eroded either the Safety Blue or OD Green Paint on it I was PO'd to take that chance.

You should see the HE made craters all over them hills.
Oh, the only reason we know how the boneheaded Belgians died, is because they had an acquaintance there who saw what they were about to do and immediately ran away at his best speed.
And that was just ONE.  Just think what it might have been like when these were falling in your neighborhood by the HUNDREDS almost every day!  Might make you reconsider your asperations toward world domination.
 Not me.  I don't *have* any aspirations to world domination.  I have enough trouble keeping myself out of trouble vice riding herd on all the rest of y'all!