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As a Republican 'Rican exiled in Maryland, I am ashamed. 

As Puerto Rican Delegate Zoraida Fonalledas was about to render her committee report to the floor of the convention, she was heckled in the most offensive manner.  Her report did in fact disqualified a number of grassroot delegates from the convention floor.  As such, the Ron Paulian wing of the party's delegates took their ire out on her in a most base manner.

Keep It Classy Fökkin Hicks!!!



There was a bit more to it than that.  She was brought up to give her bit by the chair who was ignoring calls of "Point of order",  while the kerfluffle was already going, with Ron Paul delegates shouting something like "Seat Maine" and others trying to drown them out with "USA, USA." 

Undignified, yes.  And embarassing.  But not directed at her.
Perhaps the Ron Paul delegates were not using the proper hand signals.

Boq,  be careful your class is showing and it's all *great*!  If you ever get the chance to talk with one of these individuals involved in  this "Undignified" behavior, raise this question. "What message are you sending to the independent voters?" 

It's all about context and the posted video does not tell the whole story.  If demanding that legally elected delegates be seated is "heckling in a most offensive manner", then I disagree with your interpretation of heckling.

As noted earlier, the lady from PR was being the water carrier for the decision of the corrupt RNC to unseat elected delegates.  Is it any wonder she was less than well received? The "hecklers"  were protesting that decision as well as numerous ignored attempts to raise a point of order. 

Now for more perspective and context, I submit the following video in rebuttal:

Was the fat twat bellowing in the background engaging in "heckling in a most offensive manner"?   My obvious bias aside, I would say... yes.

The Maine delegation got jobbed, plain and simple.  They had a right to be outraged and demanding that they be seated is hardly surprising. 

Politics and sausage, but tell the whole story or the context is merely edited propaganda.

I took the time to watch the You Tube on the incident  revolving around the Maine Delegation.Since I have family in Northern Maine, I was not pleased with this petty nonsense. These are my views, not theirs. Since I am an indpendent voter and either the Republican or Democratic Party both need independent voters' vote to win this Fall's General Election.  

Govenor Chris Christie, Tuesday, claimed Romney would answer the "tough questions", why doesn't he start now? I'm talking about his personal and business life. But the same is true for Obama. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

I asked this question before, but didn't do it correctly. John Donovan, John of  Argghhh or The Armorer, which elitist do you want as POTUS? Both of them are elitists.  I figure most people are looking at the lesser of two evils.

Boq,  my suggested new title bould be "Shame or Sham?"
Calling Obama an elitist is an insult to elitists.
We have all heard of the term Gay-Dar; something that those with same gender attraction have, that I do not.

There is also something that I will term Black-Dar; something that African Americans have, that I do not.  Let me explain.  Last year, during the primary debates a group of like-minded Republicans from my county got together and watched.  Going around the group, all blacks to a person, lifted their noses whenever Santorum came on the screen.  I quizzically prodded why the consensus?  The answer: "Well you know BOQ, he's  *er* prejudiced".  I being sympathetic with Cain/Bachman/Santorum corner of the camp, didn't quite at first understand.  But then the Clue-Bat hit me and I understood.  Their Black-Dar was picking-up a blip on their collective scope.

I then understood, because I too a have scope of my own; my very own Rican-Dar.  That's something that you don't have, but all native born Islanders have.  That is an early warning system that picks-up on non-acceptance from us Island Folk, by you Continentals.

Every time someone hints of thinking of Puerto Rico as a foreign country, in no way related to The United States my Rican-Dar goes BOOP-BOOP!!!  When Mrs. Fonalledas came to the podium to silence the Ron Paulians my Rican-Dar picked-up the following conversation.  Part Inaudible and part Audible:

We the real Americans are not gonna take this from a foreign island Spic like you!


"We the real Americans are not gonna take this from a foreign island Spic like you! "

Really?  That's the best you've got?  Some supposedly and self-admittedly inaudible audio?  Really?  How about the thought that she is a sell out puta with no concept of honor or principle and was chosen to be the sacrifical lamb who represented the RNCs power grab to disenfranchise legally elected representatives?

Would this really be an issue for you if she was from any other delegation than PR?  Really?

Wrong is wrong no matter from what source.  Methinks your hominess is blinding you to the reality of the corruption, breaking of the rules and disenfranchising of elected delegates by the elites of the RNC simply because of her home district.

Take off the blinders.   With provincialism such as this, no wonder the Republic is in the state it is in.

I would expect such BS coverage from MSNBC or some lickspittle RNC site (odd fellow travelers), but from you?  Really?  For shame. You should know better.  Facts are facts and no amount of partisan rhetoric can change that.

This woman was not personally dissed, but she chose to place herself in this position.

Tokyo Rose for the RNC, for shame.  And again, would you really give a good golly damn if she was not from PR?

I will note your conspicuous silence regarding the video of the f-d over Maine delegation....  the very same ones that were being supported by the calls of "Seat the delegates" that you propose as being disrespectful.  Pathetic!

Your off-colored potty-mouthed epiteth does make my point on lack of respect for us Island Folk. Doesn't it Mr. T.

And..... a swing and a miss.

You totally disregard the point(s) due to self imposed blinders.

Did she or did she not become the front woman spokesperson for the disenfranching actions of the RNC?  Your "evidence" is self admittedly inaudible and inconclusive.  The video I posted in response is quite clear.

Again, would you or would you not give a good golly damn about her actions if not for her home district?  If she was from East Pigsnout instead of PR, would you still be so...... outraged?

Collaborator, enabler, quisling all have meanings for good reason.  She willingly stepped up to the podium to screw over legally elected delegates.  Her choice.  Not mine, not yours.  Honor and honesty still have meaning.

Can you be honest and objective or not?  This is NOT a personal attack upon you, but rather on her actions.

Quite simple really.

My questions to you remain unanswered.  So who is being more objective and honest eh?

Is she a water carrier spokeswoman for an illegitmate action or not? 

Did the RNC F* over the Maine delegates or not? 

Nothing you posted in your video shows any disrespect, racial or otherwise towards her, but instead just demands that the legally elected Maine delegates be seated.

The video I posted in a counter point however DOES show the attitude of the RNC and their treatment of delegates.

This is NOT a racial issue as you seem to wish to make it out to be.  Albeit with NO supporting evidence, however it IS a matter of legality and procedure that you wish to dismiss or condone simply because she is from PR.

You are better than that.  Open your eyes and see what has happened and wrong is wrong, no matter what your familial ties may or may not be.

Would now be a good time to ask when is the Commonwealth going to ask to be admitted to the union as a state?
From speaking to the commonwealth expats here, they are wondering when their home nations are going to flee the blight of ol' blighty. 

Why in the monarchs name would they wish to join in union with the bastard rebellious chillin' of the lost colonies?
Sigh! Yeah - The Eeeviel Establishment struck-back at grassroot delegates.  From which I do support, and got me Peeshed-Off for sidelining the lifeblood of the party.  I for one, will focus in working for local candidates, and not for the two guys on the top of the ballot.

My point is, don't debase your anger in this manner.  If Mr. Winford Mukkenford from the Nebraska Delegation would have been the one tasked to deliver the report, the anger and invectives would have been delivered in a much different manner..  COPY THAT?
 I know there's heat on this topic.  But coarse references to female plumbing are not needed, nor to they add to the discussion.

I swear, you guys are trying to get me on the banned list.

Teach me to bleeping spend a day on the road.
Triarii's remarks with respect to
As noted earlier, the lady from PR was being the water carrier for the decision of the corrupt RNC to unseat elected delegates.
betrays his own Ronulan bias. What happened in the real world is that the Ronulans abused the heck out of parliamentary rules and took over several state delegations, with the obvious goal of causing a ruckus during the national convention.

Now -instead of gracefully acknowledging defeat in the primaries, they have decided to play the role of spoiler. Good job, guys, you're making the Dems' job easier, you know that right?

"What happened in the real world is that the Ronulans abused the heck out of parliamentary rules and took over several state delegations, with the obvious goal of causing a ruckus during the national convention."

You mean learning, playing and abiding by the rules that everybody else had to play by and that hadn't been a problem until the "establishment" status quo was challenged?  Those rules?

The rules that said "establishment" in case after case, broke, changed or ignored to achieve their desired goal?  The most recent case in point the shameful treatment of the Maine delegation and their legally elected delegates.  Yes, legally.  Like it or not, they played by the established rules and for that, they got jobbed.

Out organizing the opposition and having motivated people show up to participate in the process that has been established is now considered "abusing the system"?  Odd that eh?  One would think that if there was genuine authentic support for a candidate, there would be no problem finding supporters.  Especially considering the home field advantage the "establishment" cabals possessed. 

Also odd the lack of outcry when the "system" is abused by those in charge who manage to lose ballot boxes for one candidate, find them for another, cancel votes, cancel conventions, stage lockouts, actively plot to disenfranchise a candidate, etc. etc. etc  Evidence of all I've just cited are readily available for view on the internet.  The evidence is there if you truly desire to be objective and "fair".

Either the rules are the same for all, or why bother having them at all?  Just elect candidates by decree and... oh... never mind, that sorta just happened didn't it?  What were those vote tallies being read off for ALL the candidates, again as the rules required?

It also shows what a dysfunctional sham the tax-payer funded private party functions the primaries are.  Depending upon the State rules, the primaries mean NOTHING in the case of delegates being sent to the convention.  

It also begs the question of why  taxpayers fund primaries for political party functions in the first place.  The respective political parties should fund them with their own cash and not sponge off the tax payer for their closed political processes.  Ditto the national conventions to which millions of taxpayer funds are allocated for private party functions.

But I digress.

As for the specious claim that "you're making the Dem's job easier", how about putting forward a candidate who is not in the big government mold of McAmnesty, George Bush, Bob Dole etc and who would offer a true and stark difference to Duh Wun instead of being just a carbon copy with a R next to his name on the ballot?

The enemy is not a D or an R, it is any candidate who continues to disregard the Constitution and grows the size of government, increases the debt, gets us into undeclared foreign wars, supports Tarp, NDAA, the Patriot Act, national healthcare etc. etc. etc.  The party affiliation is meaningless, it is how they vote that matters.

One would also think it's how they became a candidate that matters.  For if a candidate and his supporters are willing to break their own rules in order to become the candidate, isn't that a warning sign that that is also how they would govern if elected?  Just something to consider.

Until we as voters turn off our partisan party blinders and refuse to vote in politicians like that, we will never solve this nations problems. 

My vote will not be wasted by casting it for any candidate who does not share my values. 

 I will support Triarii on the fact that local, state, and national Republican officials abused the rules to muzzle the Paulians or cut them out outright.  In that respect, the Paulians simply learned what the rules of combat were.  There were shameful incidents in Missouri and Georgia, just to name two tht made the news.

I'm not a fan of Ron Paul.  But the party apparatchiks (of which I am one) brought this upon themselves.  Now in Leavenworth County, we treated them correctly, just like everyone else, and they behaved correctly, just like everyone else.  Amazing how that works.
 John of Argghhh, it is an amazing piece that you have written in your agreement with Triaii. Neither you, nor I am a great fan of Ron Paul. But you have had the courage  “to stand in the gap”. You are now a part of the Republican Party apparatus. In politics, all politics is essentially local.

You write, “I'm not a fan of Ron Paul. But the party apparatchiks  (of which I am one) but this upon themselves. Now in Leavenworth County we treated them correctly, just like everyone else and they behaved correctly, just like everyone else. Amazing how that works.”

Would you be so sanguine, if you came from Maine or Puerto Rico? This Nation is not a democracy, the Republic. This means the delegates actually carry somebody else's vote. If this principle is not followed, then all of the words spoken at the Republican Convention 2012, mean nothing, it is truly a sham. The underlying principle of the convention were supposed to be the same principles as the “Founding Fathers”. This is one reason the respect you for walking into this rats' nest and trying to figure your way through it. This is one of the reasons that many people are completely fed up with the political process. This is one of the reasons that I limit myself to the general election but is also one of the reasons that many loyal Democrats find themselves voting for Republicans  for offices in the Legislative Branch of our government on the Federal Level and even for the New Jersey Offices on all levels. My actual  thoughts on that early November day  are nowhere near as antagonistic as I sound here towards the Republican Party, but they must grow up and learn, from their mistakes. Yes, they have made some huge mistakes.

You have been kind enough to allow me to post comments which are truly kept independent from both political parties. In my view, this takes a great deal of courage from you and all of the members of the Castle, Thanks. In many ways,  you speak for more than just yourself.  Carry on!