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"Out of Touch" doesn't even BEGIN to describe it...

Having known a couple who lost a child in the Long War, watching this only reinforces my fervent hope that the current occupant of the White House is repudiated decisively in November.

Repulsive. Repugnant...and never for a moment did it occur to Clinton that he had said anything wrong. That is the measure of so many of our successful "elites" and it is to our very great discredit that they command such admiration in our society. Ugh.


Here, here.
They never served and probably know no one who lost a loved one in the service. Servicemena nd women are just props for photo ops.
Amen to the above.

We really need to ask, again, if it is still in our vital national interest to have troops in Afghanistan, what their mission is, what the rules of engagment are, how victory will be defined, and if the likely results are worth the likely cost.

My conclusion is that it is not worth the life of another American, or a scratch on any American's body to remain there, or a dollar's worth of fuel or bribery to sustain our presence there a minute longer.  The locals care less than we do about their future, and will inevitably revert to their intramural tribal warfare as soon as we are gone, and enforce the barbarism that is Mohammedenism upon those desirous of living in 7th Century conditions.  Let them do that within THEIR boundaries all they like, and if they step outside, kill them.

Our brave men and women and their families have sacrificed entirely too much already for no useful purpose, as they have bravely and resourcefully executed their orders in a most commendable manner.  Declare victory, hand the keys to corrupt Krazai and depart.  Now!

Well, I can think of a downside that would be horrible for President Obama next January if American voters can get back in touch with their inner American.  I kind of lost it big time for my fellow American citizens when they elected Clinton, who previously had broken oaths to his country and his wife, with some kind of third time's the charm mentality over George H.W. Bush who had served his country for decades without fail.  At this sorry point, the only bet left for me is "time wounds all heels.

And, of course, the Republicans have found themselves another nice, honorable guy to deal with the guttersnipes now in power.  Instead of Clint Eastwood, they should have had Sean Connery reprise his "Chicago Way" soliloquy from "The Untouchables".
They're all "It's all about me."

Clint was perfect. Trancendent.

Proof: 0 tweets a picture of himself in his chair. If the shoe chair doesn't fit, don't put it on. 0 must have been raging all night and now he has to go to New Orleans.

Glenn nailed it: Inside 0's OODA Loop.

They're still talking about Clint, not about Romney.
By John (Not The Armorer) - "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter." Sir Winston Churchill
Republican party emblem: elderly white actor arguing with an empty chair
Democratic party emblem: President of the USA
Matt -- you appear to have missed the joke.

Republican emblem: elderly white actor firing the invisible occupant of a chair.
Democratic response: President claims the chair is his.
I am still registered as Libertarian with the Clerk of Elections here, but I swear I am gettting more and more reactionary in my old age.  I'll probably hold nose, grit teeth, and vote for Mittens, but otherwise I intend to turn in a mostly-blank ballot.


"...intend[ing] to turn in a mostly-blank ballot" is sort of a slap in the face to the guys who form the core of this blog, ain't it? Lots of people put their lives on the line, or were ready to do so at a moment's notice so we could al exercise the responsibilities of citizens of the Republic.

Yeah, yeah, I know,you have just as much a right NOT to vote as you do TO vote. Please.

Life is full of compromises but, in this case, the choice is starker than, IMHO, you may appreciate. Running for president of the United States, especially as anything but a committed, protototalitarian Leftist, would kill a normal mortal, so my hat's off to all of 'em who have tried this go-around. The more I learn about Mitt Romney, the more I like. He's decent, smart, self-deprecating and has been hugely successful as a manager and leader. Is he Lincoln? Prolly not, but he isn't a man who has never accomplished anything--nothing, nada, zip--other than fooling 300+million people about 4 years ago. Bonus: He loves America. Double bonus: He wants to do anything BUT "transform" it...he wants to save it. I don't worship the man, but I respect him.

Will he make some decisions we may not like if elected. You betcha. But Reagan had a penchant for pissing off conservatives a time or two. And Nixon wuld have been positively strung up by today's Tea Partiers.

Frankly, I'm going to the polling booth with the same feeling and fervor I had in the cockpit approaching the boundaries of enemy airspace: very serious, very excited and very committed to the idea and conviction that what I'm about to do will count.
Well, Panther, Nixon did turn out to be a flaming liberal, if you go by his domestic accomplisments... :)