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Day by Day, the problems pile up.

 To include finding out yesterday that some publishing process on the blog takes forever to update a change to the template - such as when I pulled the Day By Day cartoon.

It's gone now.

Several of you have hated DbD since forever, but you could just ignore it, and I generally (not always) liked it, as did others, so I left it up.

But Chris must be feeling some pressure during his ongoing fundraiser, because he finally slipped to essentially full frontal nudity.

Me, I like a nekkid girl.  Even a cartoon one.

But not at work, where the images were just unacceptable.  Or, uninvited into your home.  And there are teenagers who read here and just surf here via a search engine.

I apologize to those of you who who may have had to slip to something more demure.

But DbD will not be returning.  I have enough to do keeping some of you from advocating political assassination in the comments to also having to do a daily pr0n screen of DbD...


Shoot, I kinda like Day by Day, but I had to say something because, well, R rating ain't my thing unless it's good clean violence and stuff.

I'm tempted to put a dollar bill in an envelope and tell him to put some clothes on those girls.
At least he draws well
The page will probably load quicker, too.  Heh.
A hot chick with an Uzi is full frontal????

Dang, that's cold.  Hate to see what you would call one with a Johnson! 
Not quite full frontal, but I must admit I was surprised when I say it. Chris usually only puts that in his calendars. since I visit DbD itself, there is no loss and yes, it does seem to load faster.
Too bad, I really enjoy DBD most of the time, for the edgy politcail humor.  A little T&A never hurt anyone, but in this super PC world since you are already treading the fine line with the gun Pr0n it probably does not hurt to eliminate any other possible points of objection.

Guess I need to make DBD my first stop of the day now, instead of the Castle.
That was mean, J(NTA).  But yeah, right now we escape most DoD and corporate filters.  Chris keeps that T&A up, that might change.  CENTCOM hates us already, though.

And we do have a fair number of teenaged readers who are here for the guns.

Interestingly enough, the most common .mil domain for visits is...

Sad you had to do that.  I was NOT offended by the cartoon.  Many are standing by with agenda in hand, so better safe than sorry, I 'spose. 
 Well, whatever it is that keeps your blog off of my Xoom tablet, it wasn't DbD. The tablet still doesn't like this blog.
 Such is life...   I'll make DbD my 2nd stop....
Oh, today's strip. Well, yesterday's pretty much puts it in context, and so not full frontal (Naomi is wearing the bottom of a bikini, on the beach), but definately full upper works exposed. If they were being amputated by a chain saw the prudes would see nothing wrong with it. I'm not a prude, and see nothing wrong with this version.
 @Rivrdog - Have you installed Chrome yet on your Xoom? If not, I highly recommend it and not just because you'll be able to view the Castle while on the throne. ;)
I wasn't one of the DbD haters.  There was stuff I thought lame from time to time.  I've been around the block a few times and find 'T&A' just boring---like, what, you've never seen a 36D or 36C up close and been able to touch it yourself before?  Not necessary.  And, no, I don't want someone else making the choice of whether or not I have nudity, of any stripe, on my computer for me.  That's just rude, imo. 

Do like that Argghhhh!!!!! will load a lot faster now.  THat's plus. 

There was a cartoon?
Sorry you wacked DbD but I understand the move.  I was a little put off by it myself. Just seemed like the wrong thing at the wrong time and the wrong place I reckon. 


Rich in KCK
The castle introduced me to DbD, I'm a huge fan.  It's your castle Sir John, and your rules, we're just visitors.  We'll respect your decision. 
I enjoyed the cartoon, it was my first blog read of the day.  I can go to DbD to see it just as easily as I can here.  I still enjoy the Castle, just not quite as much...  I'm thankful for the read at any rate, and have no basis for complaining.  I respect the decision to pull the strip.  Ya gotta do whatcha gotta do.

Guns good, mammaries bad?


Loved DbD, but respect the right of ownership to make the call.

Doesn't mean I agree with it, but I don't own the blog.

Now, how about some hawt chick(s) in stripper  high heels and micro-kinis firing full auto?  That's entertainment!

Budda-budda, boogity-boogity.

Pffffft.  Yes, I'm going to hell.  Duh.

No, I don't consider that full-frontal myself. On the other hand, this is John's blog, so his call.

Triarii, that is a pretty young lady, but I doubt she owns any of those automatic weapons. And Alex Jones? Really? Oy... ;)

 You gents who are gently griping about my pulling the comic don't seem to get it.

You aren't the problem, clearly.

But there are plenty who had a problem.

More importantly, Chris doesn't get to show tits on my blog without me knowing up front.  I don't mind a little racy, and I know it's a cartoon, but still.

I'm actually getting a little tweaked by all your goodness in letting me run the place.  Thanks.

But if all the .mil domain nannies decide to block it - readership will drop significantly.  And I'll be back to fighting the net-nannie services who at one time classified my domain as a pr0n domain.  

So pardon me if I my sense of humor is running thin on this.  None of you have skin in the game at the level I do.

Or am I missing something here?

I don't make much money of this place, but what I do goes to Soldier's  Angels.  And when people buy ads, clicks are what generates revenue.

Get shut out of the .mil domains, that's going to dry up.

I liked the DbD political commentary, but don't like the pushing of vulgar for the cash. Have you considered another military themed cartoon? I enjoy and it tends to be more fun less borderline.
For your consideration:
I did enjoyed the bren pics, how would the complicated sight system work? as intended or real world function?

I'm fairly sure that wasn't aimed at me, but I can see a lack of clarity in my writing(duh, it's me).

I was in favor of the pull.  You built a brand and his inclusion is now harming your brand.  You'd be as dumb as me if you DIDN'T pull it.