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Boom-Boom Palooza 2012

This, was a special week-end; a week-end in which I finally met long known but never seen Castle Denizens in the Meat-Space.  Thanks to the American Wartime Museum's annual Open House (A.K.A. Boom-Boom Palooza), those imaginary friends that populate my mind, now have a face to which I can connect to.

On Saturday, I was able to wrangle Fallen Sparrow out of our sedate Gun-Fearing People's Republic of Maryland and drive down to the Open-Carry Heaven of Old Virginny.  Within a wee hour's drive, we finally arrive to our destination.  We pull into "the farm" and as I was driving into the parking lot, BoyScouts were shepherding cars down the field. Right at the end, and just where I was to park my liddle white Neon, there was this ScoutMaster marshaling the vehicles. To my surprise, I said: I know that guy - Why, it's David M, of course!  Yes - The Castle's very own Cavalryman doing God's work in putting order out of the hundreds of vehicles swarming the fields.

We immediately made a bee-line for the wide spread of nostalgic militaria. 

There were Old Girls:

Chick Magnets:

Oh yeah Chick Magnets:

House Ornaments that have a certain "GET OFF MY LAWN" air to them:

And finally, shortly thereafter, the happy Castle Reunion was consummated.  SKK, Baroness Ophelia, and FishMugger were all in evidence.  It was great to see them all.

But what about Teh Boom-Boom, you may ask?


I have to say: It was all a roaring success.

The perfect Journée, capped off with the take-off of a Vietnam Era warbird:

Can't wait for Boom-Boom Palooza 2013!



I am still basking in the afterglow of the Palooza-ness. Where else will someone call your cell and inform you [in the coolest of accents]: "We are over here, at the Swedish tank;" and proceed to remark on the lineage of various bombs and track-ed lovelies. Where else can you listen to Da Fishie narrate: "Turret gun, firing [yadda yadda]; there go the M-1s; mortar; oh, YEAH BABY: FLAMETHROWER!!" This event has grown better and better each year, from our days plotting this endeavor over coffee at the I-HOP. Next year will be even Palooza-ier yet!!
I am envious, Boq!
 BINGO, Boq!

I'd have liked to go, but alas, needles and knives coming up this Friday at zero dark 30. Meebe next year.
Actually, I must have sounded more like Ay'm heere next to the steeenkin Sveeedish Tankh.
 The tanks had cool accents, too. Like the T-34, decked out with "To Berlin." In Russian, of course.
Nice story and photos, but its even more fun with motion and sound!

I think this was this year's event, but may be last year.

John Morris of the Company of Military Historians has posted all sorts of videos that most of us lurking here would find fascinating.  Check them all out, and consider joining the Company if you like this sort of stuff, although they tend to be more on the olde and uniform end of the spectrum than the "BANG!" end.

Yes, that is this year's event! Next year will be even awesomer, and when we do full buildout, we will have open air landscapes of war, from War 1 through Korea, Vietnam, Irak and Afghanistan. We also will have indoor facilities and will host veterans reunions. I can hardly wait!
Hey, John, isn't the artillery piece Boq has posted here the same model as the "wall gun" I sent you the picture of the other day?
Yep.  37mm anti-tank gun.