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Two empty bowls on two different floors...

 Today we note the passing of two fur-persons, Nikki Persons and Sayeret Coulson, who today gambol at Piddler's Green, patiently awaiting a family reunion.  As Sayeret was deployed to Egypt with his family, our information is spare in details.

"Sayeret, better known to you as Secret Agent Dog since his infil to Egypt, left Karen, Molly and I at 0917 Central European Daylight Time. He was no longer in any pain."

We have lost Nikki, who's two-legs is known around here as Jon the Mechanic, and who is himself deployed to Afghanistan at the moment.

Jon can speak for Nikki:

Nikki was more than my dog, she was my accomplice in crime and my co conspirator in mischief and mayhem. She would hear my car pull into the yard and be waiting at the door for me, I rarely had to put a leash on her when we went outside because she stuck to my hip. Even at the age of 12 in dog years, she would jump at me to get me to chase her, then stop and start chasing me around the yard. I would like to say that until the very end, she was a 5 year old kid in a canine's body. I taught her how to sit on the cat on command and her face would light up when I gave the command, just like a little kid who knew they were doing something that they shouldn't.

There are so many stories that I have to share, but I think that one of my favorites is the night that I snuck in the house and surprised the my wife. I had done a 2 week Annual training for the National Guard at Camp Dodge IA and our plane landed at about 11 at night. I called the wife and told her that we were on ground, but Gov Pataki was there to meet us and it would be a couple hours before we got released. I did this from the bottom of the stairs to the apartment that I was living in at the time. I walked in and here comes Nikki, at a run. I motioned for her to be quiet, and she stopped where she was, sat down and it looked like she nodded her head. I then told her to get Trudy, and she headed off to the bedroom and the next thing that I hear is my wife saying something about why does Nikki have to go out at this hour? Trudy walks into the dining room and sees me, calls me a couple of bad names and just about shatters the standing long jump record.

As the hyumuns of both fur persons are in places of turmoil, strife, and danger, their passings couldn't have come at worse times, as if there is a good time.  Little Girl, one of my watchers up at Piddler's Green, assures me that neither Nikki nor Sayeret are in any hurry for a reunion.  They know where the "Watching Place" is, there's plenty of tennis balls and warriors to throw them.

Gunner, Assemble the Guard!

Now is the time at Castle Argghhh! when we dance sing a spark to the Great Hunting Ground and Tennis Ball Chasing Facility at Piddler's Green.


Thank you John.
Thanks, John.
 Da nada.  It's what we do here at Castle Argghhh! Arsenal and Obituaries...
Dang.  RIP. 
So sorry.  Deeply so. 

I am going to let in Miss Magda, give her a hug, shower her with smooches, and give her a nice brushing and a walk.
Damn that dust!
(((hugs))) to the human companions of Nikki and Sayeret...
My sympathy, too.

 Thanks for posting about our beloved boy Sayeret. Sayeret, named after the Israeli Special Operations Forces group, was a very energetic 10-year-old puppy. He loved to "go" but hated to PCS. He was always up for a good long hike in the middle of nowhere, but he didn't care much for the city noise of Cairo. He loved to have tummy rubs and to sit on the couch and watch tv. He was a fantastic companion through Eric's (aka Badger 6) deployment to Iraq. Sayeret leaves behind his parents, his adopted 4-legged sister Molly, 4 devoted grandparents, 2 aunts, and 4 cousins.

Run free, boy!

Thanks for the expansion on Sayeret.  He's in good paws, rest assured.