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Today's Moment of Collector Zen...

 Snipers.  Well, two snipers (the M1D and M91/30, numbers 2 and 4 from the top respectively), a "sharpshooters rifle," (the PSL on top), and a scoped rifle, the faux M1903A4 sniper of WWII fame, which is built on a genuine receiver, but with new-made barrel and repro scope, mount, and sling.  

It's the best shooter of the four though.  I'm clearly not a serious collector.  I'm willing to have well-done repros like the M1903A4 vice originals, because they dent the budget a lot less... meaning one can have... more originals.  It works for me, your mileage may vary.


Given the prevailing fiducial penalty for a gen-u-wine 03A4 your logic is unassailable...
Nice group indeed.
 What did Nikolay Ilyin (50th Guards rifle regiment, 494--or 497, depends on who you ask--kills) use?
By what accounts (and pictures) I've seen, the M91/30, but with the larger PE scope vice this rifle's PU scope.
Senators Boxer and Schumer will not be amused
Who cares? My joy is inversely proportional to the displeasure of those trained apes Reds in the Senate.

Almost insulted trained apes.

As my favorite Platoon Sergeant used to say, "Control yourself.  Control your weapon.  Control your target."  And for some reason that I never quite fathomed, he said the first part a lot more often than the other two.
 "Thank you Lord, for reminding me of the many blessings you have bestowed on mankind." Excellent photo!
Being able to shoot them is more gratifying than having them in Queenly storage.
 True enough - but having them to store is the first bit, eh?  The ability to step out the back door and safely and legally shoot is icing on the cake.