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Today's Moment of Collector Zen...

 The Castle's FN49...

The Castle's FN49, with bayonet.

Walk like an Egyptian...


Looks nice... and that's the extent of my knowledge of rifles.
In the background, from right to left, what looks like, to my inexperienced eyes:
1) an AK, or clone thereof;
2) the Castle's M1 Garand sniper (based on the leather thingy on the stock and what appears to be the front end of the scope);
3) two bolt rifles, with very substantial levers (!?, the protruding bit of metal to the right with a sphere at the end, used to work the action), I'm thinking maybe Mausers.
 You'll see those later this week.  You're correct, close, and not-so-close.
Didn't Egypt build those things in 8mm Mauser for a bit?

There's another unsheathed Bayonet. Are we trying to provoke SWWBO?
 That is an Egyptian in 8mm Mauser.  Query - can you see the "emphasis" on the link?
Wasn't able to see the link on the computer I was on earlier. But can at my desk. I figured you were implying it was Egyptian and going to the link I see the Egyptian Crown proof mark.
2) the Castle's M1 Garand sniper (based on the leather thingy on the stock and what appears to be the front end of the scope);

Question for you all; Is there a correct or accepted way to lace that leather thingy onto the Garand?
I've always wanted to try mine out but was afraid of ruining it.
The two on the left I'm going to guess as (from L-R): Mosin 91/30 sniper version, and M1903A4 sniper version.
Roy - I have a manual, I'll scan you a pic. What most people miss with these (because the repros never came with them, I don't believe) is that they also used two brass screws.

Heartless is correct. The AK-family looking one is the Romanian PSL, based on the RPK receiver.
John - Thanks for the reply!

My Garand, a M1D Ser#297XXXX, came direct from the CMP. No screws nor holes in the stock for the leather thingy. Two brass screw eyelets, near each end of the leather thingy but out of line with the other 7 pairs of lacing eyelets, would accommodate the two screws you note.

My leather thingy is stamped "MRT" in 1/2" lettering and "1  52" in 3/8" lettering (just below the MRT stamp) on the right side. I don't think it is a repro.

When I do this I want to get this install right the first time. What can you tell me about the screws? Awaiting your pic.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
Roy - my pics are so dark they don't scan well at all.

Try this link and see if it scratches your need.
And there's this pic from John (Not The Armorer's) website of one installed on an M1D.  Just remember to use round-head brass wood screws, and not flat head...
WOW! Saved both links as docs. Thanks John!

I hesitate to press my luck, but, can you correct or confirm that the screws are #7X1/2" round head brass wood screws?

Again, Thanks!