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Today's Moment of Collector Zen...

 ...which is a little misleading, since it's not mine, but is rather temporarily homeless and has come to the shelter for safe harbor.

I have a friend of long standing who is going through some serious and expansive [sic] changes in his life - good ones. But they necessitate some adaptations which have caused him to feel the need to board his steel children, and we're the hostel of choice. Which means that for the nonce, we have a PS90 sitting in the Arms Room.

*Koff* Um, and, well, some ammo, too. The sight needs batteries though. We welcome our new guest, however long the stay may be.

And if anyone is wondering - no, they're not being "hidden" (d-uh) here to avoid property settlements, or legal issues, etc. They're legitimately homeless and need a place to stay while my buddy reorganizes!  All IAW applicable laws and regulations.

*And because there was some confusion over on FB about this - this is the civilian semi-auto version, not the LE/Military full auto version (the P90).



I thought nothing could come between me and my love for the SCAR, but I think this does it. Has it been exercised in its new home-away-from-home?
 BCR - this is less spendy than a SCAR, and possibly more fun to shoot.  And handier.  I was surprised how handy, given the look of it.

And while it has not been exercised on this trip - it has been here before.

It was a very unsatisfying Whatziss.  Pogue - you still suck.
 I seem to recall Pogue sprun a Whatziss early not too long ago. If he's causing serial frustration you could consider a temporary ban when you have a Whatziss up.

Just don't get too carried away. Such as when I ask about SWWBO and unsheathing bayonets.
Awww, man... I get two whatziss right in 8 or 9 years and I get beat up for it.  Besides, you usually pull an early right answer to prolong the fun.  :-)  (Goes to sulk in corner)

And BCR, if you're anything like your characters, it's you - you absolutely need one!
Modern efficient ergonomic bullpup design, but its fugly. No other word for it.

5.7×28mm It is a bottlenecked centerfire cartridge that is somewhat similar to the .22 Hornet or .22 K-Hornet, a response to NATO requests for a replacement for the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge. Why? I dunno. I guess NATO thinks that the 9mm (invented by dead Germans) is too brutish a cartridge. The next improvement will probably be a 111 mm needle gun.

The reason why the SCAR wasn't adopted yet is (according to a friend) that there wasn't enough difference between the SCAR light and the M16 family. The interest had (at that point) shifted to the SCAR heavy (7.62mm) and some product improvements required. There is a basic dissatisfaction with the 5.56 mm for desert shootouts.

Further, my friend says, they are "rattle" ... as in loosey goosey.

I was surprised and delighted to see the Corps spend 22.5 mil on new Cold 1911 variants of the .45. This due largely to the lack of knock down power of the 9mm. Maybe that kind of common sense will spread and the infantry will get a decent .30 caliber rifle to work with.
Heh. I thought that thing was designed for the same purpose as the M1 Carbine, as a personal defense weapon for non-infantry people, who don't need a rifle and can't shoot a pistol very well.  I suppose the ammo is not the good stuff, which we are not allowed to have.  It would have been, with a laser, just the thing for use against Mr. Holmes.

In other news, the P-38 arrived yesterday in excellent condition and was immediately put to use under my fingernails. It is now on my keyring, a much more secure one than the old one.  I now feel fully dressed for the first time in months.
Oh, yeah it's fugly, 'specially to a "blue steel and walnut" guy like me.  Supposedly there were ergonomic studies done to make that thing a natural pointer without having to aim very much. John, (after taking all appropriate safety precautions, of course) try shooting the thing with your eyes shut, and see how you do.

Oh, and many thanks for the P-38!
JtA is disbursing P-38s??! Walther or Lockheed... ? 8^)
 It's because the P-51 is too 'large' for him.

I'd take either - and they could both have aluminium frames.  My daughter is named Alison, as V1710-89 struck some spousal resistance.
Hmm. My previous comment did not appear. I believe it was something like this:

Guys, it's a Can Opener!  Would that somebody had sent me the other kind of P-38, with two big snarling turbocharched Allisons!  However, I am content with what was given to me.
It's way more than a can opener!

You can use them as a can opener (duh!), all-purpose toothpick, fingernail cleaner, flat-head screwdriver – use the ends, phillips-head screwdriver – use the corners, bottle opener, box cutter, fishing line cutter, paint can opener, scrape around edge of boots, gut and scale fish, strip electrical wire, and more I'm sure you have ten more I haven't  thought of.

Also fun to hand to someone that's never used one and watch them try to open a can.

Yes I know, TwoFive. As I wrote above, as soon as I got the the thing out of the envelope I immediately gave it a test hop under my fingernails, and was happy to note that it did its duty quite well in that service.
P.s. The housemate, an Army vet, seems somewhat envious that I have one and he does not.  That is his own fault, as he was in the Army toward the last of the C-ration era, and had plenty of opportunities to stock up on the things.  He claims that he even had one on his dog-tag chain, but does not have one now.  I feel fortunate to have been gifted with one.  Stewart Brand, of "Whole Earth Catalog" fame, called the P-38 the noblest invention of the US Army.
Oh, to get back on topic:  What's it like shooting that thing, John? Did they get the ergonomics right? Is it really a natural point-shooting piece?
 I'd tell you to watch the video linked in the post I linked to, but your kit may not allow that very well.

I haven't shot it in years (it came to visit the summer we opened the New Castle) but it was handy and shot well with the EOTech sight.  Recoil is minimal, too.
A litttle O/T here , John, but I've come across an odd mortar tube that I can't identify. 
Hoping you can help.  It appears to be 80 or 81 mm bore, but it has an odd 37mm interrupted thread "joint" sticking off the lower side.  The inside of the lower tube has a very heavy duty perforated metal "stop" where the shell would hit when dropped in.  Can't find anything on it.

Any suggestions?
 My first suggestion... is to send me a pic.
Workin' on that. Where do I send it/them? Thanks.
 I take it that the email addy you leave in comments is bogus?  I responded directly to that email, which would give you mine.

If that addy you use is bogus (which is perfectly okay fine) click the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the blog and send your pics there.